280815 More things Coconut!

Most savvy folks have been messing around with Coconut Oil for some time, straying away from the other processed or delicate oils in cooking. Not only does Coconut oil offer a varied application but it also helps you turn your meal into a tropical vacation!

Who I want to introduce you to is Coconut Oil's bro, Coconut Butter or (manna). Nut butter is made from pureeing coconut flesh into a butter consistency insead of pressing the meat to extract oil. Coconut butter is a great spread for your toast and other butter applications. You can blend it into protein shakes or on fruit. For dinner I like to put it directly on my potatoes!

The benefits of this diverse product hold true with what the science says. The saturated fat in the Nut helps keep hormones running smoothly and it also contains 'Lauric acid'. Lauric Acid has strong anti-bacterial properties so it can help boost your insides all the while keeping your skin looking young. Finally the medium-chain fats present in the butter assist in fat-burning as your body metabolizes it without hormone spikes.

In stroes it is usually next to the oil but you may have to search around as its popularity has not reached the heights of its bro Coconut Oil.


On a side note. Be stoked you have made the commitment to exercise and fitness. Most of you know that I travel quite a bit and get to experience all types of people and attitudes. Although kind, I have the tendency to have little patience for 'soft' people. More and more I find these types of people, both soft in body and in the mind, during my travels. The body speaks for itself. With over 2/3 of the U.S. population overweight, the epidemic cannot hide. I fear that this problem is going to cost our culture and our health care systems dearly as we continue on the trend. Secondly, I must admit that I lose my patience with 'soft' minded people who I would classify as "whiners". With a strong sense of entitlement and little to no ability to navigate life's challenges, these folks seem to be in a constant state of physical and emotional peril. Like the type that you would think their lives are falling apart. and you don't need to travel on planes to see it. Problem solving and 'GRIT' are fleeting and CrossFit athletes need to be at the forefront to educate folks that there are still struggles in the modern world and through perseverance, one can accomplish it. 

I write this not to vent to you (kind of) but more importantlyto applaud you for being such amazing people. I get to surround myself with you, the strong, the capable, the driven.. So drive on you champions, eat your coconut oil and thrive. Change the world daily!



25 Double Unders

12 Alternating Standing Toe Touch W/ KB

10 Hip Extentions


500m Row

400m Run 

10 Deadlift 335/215

Rest 3 Minutes

500m Row

400m Run

15 Deadlift 315/225

Rest 3 minutes

500m Row

400m Run

20 Deadlift 245/ 145