040815 Pre Vs. ProBiotic Foods

Probiotic foods have a good ring for the health conscious eater nowadays. These foods like greek (non dairy) yogurt, sauerkraut, Kombucha, miso etc. are filled with good bacteria which I am finding is not just good for the gut but vital for brain function as well. (Much more of that to come)

But what about PRE-biotics? We dont talk a lot about those do we... These foods are the 'fuel'for the pro biotics. These are the natural fibrous, nutrient dense, carbohydrate rich foods. The good thing is that if you have been taking my advise and living a clean life for a while, chances are that you are getting adequate intake right now!! Whew!! 

Prebioics are your asparagus, onions, root vegetables, beans, legumes, bananas and cabbage. Just to name a few. The term I want you to remember for future blog entries is microbiome. These foods assist in creating and maintaining a optimal microbiome for good Probiotics to live and virus and disease to pass thru the GUT.

Sounds crazy but this living 'greenhouse' of sorts inside your digestive tract directly supports all the systems of your body simultaneously so if you cram it with ANTI-biotics, drugs, shitty food, and stress; you are going to have problems later on. Remember that your Gut is merely a thin tissue that can be quite porus and full of blood. Probably keep that guy healthy if you want to stay above ground.

So make sure you are balancing your exercise with the PRE and PRO biotics to ensure that the entire body system keeps moving effectively and healthy. Way more of this to come but if you have questions please reach out. I NEED you to get this as I build upon it in further discussions.


Wall Ball Warm Up:

8 Mins

100m Med Ball Run

12 Wall Ball 2 for 1's

10 Lateral Hops over ball

12 Russian Twist

10 Up and Overs

Skill Development:

12 Mintes to Practice

12X False Grip Ring Row

:20 L Sit On Parallettes or Plates

8X Deficit Strict HSPU 4/2" *scale to Negatives

6X Muscle Up Pull Through


3 Rounds For TIme

500m Run/Row

12 Burpee

21 Box Jump 24/20"