310815 Skinny Fat

You have no idea how long I have waited to name my Blog post with this title. Unfortunately it is not out of a light hearted joke but rather with a seriousness that cannot be ignored any longer. What I am going to write about today should make you rethink and reform your idea of what is really happening inside your body. I am going to illustrate the hidden dangers that Sugar poses to your insides. 

Obesity is an epidemic and will probably be one of the worst problems that Americans, Nay, Humans will ever have to deal with because unlike plagues, viruses and the like; the destruction will come over time effecting every singe person in some way or another and it will be harder to reverse than anything else. Wow! Heavy right. But the good thing is that we have the power, right now, to turn it around if you just heed what I will tell you. 

Stop eating sugar.

Easy right. Cut out all processed foods, buy organic, buy local and done. We the odds are stacked against us and this fight will not be easy. The projected epidemic according to the CDC is that by 2030, 65% of the Population will be overweight. 165 million will be obese. The numbers are going up folks and that is because there is a cultural food disorder that has been many years in the making. 30 years ago, about the time that I was born, the snow ball began to roll and a generation of kids were brought up on low fat, high carb diets, and sugar was introduced into food .

Some of us were born with the gene expression to mitigate muscular and subcutaneous fat so we have the outward appearance of 'normal' weight. Perhaps you exercise a bit but still indulge in sugar laden products on a daily basis. Perhaps you don't think you do but remember, every time to rip a package open there is a 80% chance that it has added sugar or has been processed with fructose. Otherwise you are the type of person we (as a culture) see as obese or fat. You may have the outward signs of weight gain and are therefore labeled. The problem is that either body type does not accurately reflect the problems that lie beneath the surface. Its what is going on in your organs that scares me the most. 

Insulin resistance can affect up to 40% of normal weight individuals. The rate may be even higher for those that are already overweight. When you begin to store fat on the organs due to this problem, the real dangers begin. Liver fat for instance is creating an trend in <40 year old diabetics that have 'normal' body weight. This is scary.

So why are we not realizing this danger?

It is because no one is labeling the death of a 38 year old male s 'caused by sugar' . No the doctors see it as a heart attack. We don't see the 35 year old cancer patient who was exposed to too much sugar, no , we like to label it as environmental or that cancer rates are just simply on the rise! Bullshit. There is not too many death certificates with "obesity" on them. The causes of early death by people of MY generation is 'diabetes' 'cancer' 'cirrhosis of the liver' 'alzheimers' 'dementia'. Obesity is just a metabolic condition, but that is what is killing us. I mean really, I have know 6 people now who have gotten cancer before their 39th birthday! This has NEVER happened in all of human history. Wake Up!

The good news is that your GUT will respond well to gradual and even abrupt change. The body wants to survive, its in our DNA. Feed it well and it will thrive. If you have read any of my blog posts you will have a good idea of how to do that. But we need to start today. We need to put our gun sights on sugar and try every day to kill it in our diet and more importantly the diets of our kids. I don't want to sound crass but parents poison their kids every day with sugar and its not their fault. Food companies are trying to develop lifelong addicts so that is where we see so much sugar pumped into the food. I promise you, give them a bright future and it will pay you back ten fold later in life. 

One thing every day. Thats all I ask. Keep a journal, be consious and thrive. You will feel the benefits almost instantly. Clear thoughts, better performance. You are a champion, live like one. 


1 Min Singles

1 Min Double Unders

1 Min Single Leg Rope Skips

10X At Each Movement
Arm Circles
Push Ups
Trunk Twists
Elbow TO Instep
Glute Bridge W/ Reach
Standing Toe Touch
4Ct. Flutter Kicks
Leg Levers
Strict TOes To Bar



2X5 @70%
Rest 3 Mins
Rest 3 Mins
3X1 @ 90%
Rest :60 Between Reps *do not drop from the top



500M Row

21 Double Unders
21 Wall Ball
21 Box Jumps 24/20

500m Row

* This Good TImes CrossfitBenchmark has been used over 5 years to develop a baseline anaerobic test. You should give all you have to this. No excuses. Sub 6 is optimal.