010915 Get ahead of your sleep

As I slept (or attempted to sleep in LAX last night I thought it would be a good time to refresh your thinking about sleep. Also, with Fall approaching, this is where the interrupted sleep patterns begin to slide out of control into winter. Here are some important things to ensure you get the best night sleep you can. It is not just about restoring the body, it is about optimizing your mental capacity and physical performance!

1) make sure you have the darkest room possible. I mean, absolutely no light at all. If you cannot drape, cover, or turn out the lights that stream in your room, try an eye mask. This is one of the most important impacts on my sleep quality. 

2) Prepping the sleep environment prior to laying down. What this means is that you should 'wind down' by dimming the lights, turing off the computer and make sure that your bedroom won't cause any undo stress.

3) Nutrition. By eating your supper at least 1.5 hours before bed will allow for proper digestion. Now, I will advise that if you can give your body a few ounces of fat right before bed, it can help keep hunger pangs at bay and energy high in the morning. Nuts, even some high fat organic milk will work.

4) Supplement. Magnesium, Omega 3's, Zinc, are all great ways to ensure that the body will recover and the Gut can send the brain the proper nutrients for hormone release. Melatonin and Magnesium have been used for hundreds of years as a natural sleep aid.

5) Cool your room down. If you are like Cristin and I, this is the hardest part. I am always hot, trying to cool down; while she covers up and feels like Uranium during a meltdown! When you are in a cool room you body does not have to work hard to cool itself down during sleep, rather it can use the energy to recover and provide the body proper rest.

Sleep is vital. If you ignore it, not only will it decrease your performance but it can most definitely kill you if you don't heed it.I have more ideas up my sleeve so please reach out if you have questions.


Squat Flow:
kang squat/ Internal Rotation Stretch/hip bridge/ elbow to instep/ pigeon/ PNF stretch.


5 Clean 75/55
12 Push Up
5 Front Squat

Skill Development:

In no more than 6 sets, build to a 7 RM Front Squat.

-after the 6th set-

Preform 10 back Squats at load. Use the tempo :02/ :02/ :01 That is descent, pause at bottom/accelerated rise.


"The Chief"

6X 3 Minute AMPRAPs
*1 Minute Rest between rounds

3X Power Clean 135/95
6X Push Up
9X Air Squat