060815 "Cindy"

As one of the most famed and utilized "girl" WODS, Cindy will find your weakness at some point. But just like all of the girl's, the time domain and movements are wonderfully designed to test your capacity and ability. 

Truly a workout for the best or the newest CrossFitters, Cindy should leave you feeling pounded with the Hydrogen burn emanating from every limb.

Yes...Remember that when your muscles begin to burn don't start yelling out, "Oh the lactic acid burn"!! because you will just get no sympathy and you will be wrong. Tat burn is your muscles burning Pyruvate and Lactate within the mitochondria. That utilzing of ATP creates an excess of HYDROGEN not Lactic acid to create an acidic environment within your muscle cells. Acid burns, therefore Muscles burn. Minimizing hydrogen build up through oxygen uptake and proper pre-workout nutrients is crucial for success. 

Prep well my friends, Cindy awaits.


Get hot and sweaty.

I suggest 

3X 500m Row. 

In between each set, 

Practice 10-15 Kippng pull Ups

8-10 Push Ups

15 Lunges or Wall Squats.



20 Min AMRAP

5 pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats