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What to Eat and When?

There is too much information about nutrient intake. Your lifestyle, your body type, your workout schedule, your goals, all dictate when and what to eat and drink. Here is a little guideline that has helped me maintain hunger pangs ( I'm always hungry), sustain performance, encourage muscle growth, and promote health.

- Know your macros... protein, carbs, fats

- eat healthy fats in the morning to keep blood sugar under control and stave of hunger at mid day

-caffeine in coffee is the only stimulant that you need . 4-6 cups a day is good for you.

-eat when you are hungry but only enough to sustain activity level

-sugar is the devil

-trial and error is the only way to find out what works and what doesn't.

-supplements are in no way a substitute for whole foods.

-spiking the glucose level in the body after a workout is ok. (choose easy carbs or supplement)

- eat an equal amount of protein (in grams) relative to your body weight.

-stay focused on the goal and treat food as fuel not just something to fill your stomach


LAt band Mobility/ Banded Hip Mobility

30 Reps each side of Trunk Torsion Rotations (Autumns priming stretch)


10 barbell Back Rack Snatch Press

10 OHS W/ barbell

10 Romanian Deadlift

Skill Development:

5X3 Snatch Squat Press (By feel)

2X7 Snatch Deadlift @ 105% of 1 RM

3X 3-4 Reps of hang Snatch Pull ( launch Pos) @60-70%

Then, EMOM 12 

1 Snatch. Building to Max for day


For Time

20 Snatch 75/55

20 Thruster

20 Hang power Clean

20 Overhead Squat

20 Push Press

* EMOM do 5 burpees