150915 Fructose Makes you hungry

Remember that ever so important Vagus Nerve that i wrote about in previous posts? That main highway of nutrient information that connects the brain to the gut? Well today we are going to keep this important message center in mind as we re-acquaint you with the harmful effects of Fructose and how its keeping your brain from being satisfied.

Fructose, like Glucose its close relative, is simply sugar that your body metabolizes to produce enzymes in the liver, insulin in the pancreas, breakdown in the intestines, and a host of neural impairments. Unlike Glucose which the liver turns into glycogen, a necessary form of energy the body uses, Fructose lingers and causes not only brain/gut misinformation but also damages cells and bulllies your pancreas into dumping more and more insulin into the body creating fat. Sound like a nice thing? I thought not...

Though this substance is thought to be hidden in processed sugar treats like syrup and candy bars, the truth is that it is everywhere. In your cereal, juices, breads... hell its even in most of the 'health' food products that you buy. If it is processed and is meant to sit on a shelf for any length of time, chances are that it has Fructose in it. 

The damning thing about this poison is that the body doesnt know what to do with it when it is introduced. Granted there are metabolic processes that occur but as I will show, it just keeps hanging around. 

1) Fructose doesn't allow the body to produce the hormone Leptin in the brain so you never really feel satisfied. A good example of this is that when you consume your Coke product, soda, or juice you are technically consuming 150-250 calories right? So why aren't you full after that? 250 calories in a sugar filled mango certainly takes away some of the hunger pains for sure! Crazy right? That is a Fructose trick. Thats why you can keep crushing sugary drinks without getting full, although your calorie intake is very high.

2)Fructose straight up "F$*KS" with your liver! Not only does over consumption lead to a fatty liver which is a good way to get cirrhosis and cancer, but it also leads to a metabolic state of Hyperinulinemia. We teach a whole section on it during the CrossFit level 1 seminars so its kinda important to understand. By creating an environment where your pancreas and liver are working overtime through Fructose intake and then really having no where to put the insulin, you mess the brain up along with making your waist line bigger. Dopamine has no place to go and the neural receptors get all clogged up. Think depression and disease...

3) Finally, in the stomach there is a peptide called Ghrelin. This I do not know much about but I promise to begin to study up on it. THis peptide controls your hunger signal and you may know it by the rumble you feel when it is your usual meal time. Yep, that is Ghrelin calling your name! Fructose actually can alter the production of Ghrelin and kick the production in gear for hours after initial intake. When you never feel full and the tum-tum is rumbly, you gonna eat more. Thats a no bueno. 

So as I have pointed out from the Gut to the Brain, Fructose is F$%king with your body and can even be developing cancer on your liver (at least fatty deposits) that are going to bite you in the ass sooner than you think! Sugar is friggin poison, stay away from it the best you can. 

I will return and shed some light on how Natural Sugar contents in Fruits are vital and necessary, especially for athletes, but for now try and just look at those labels and really think about what your stuff in your mouth. 


Banded Mobility:

Lat/ Bully/ Trunk Rotations/ Hip External Rotations/ Wrist Mobilization


30 Double Unders
3 Wall Climbs
10 Ring Rows

Gymnastic Skill Development:

Muscle Up
*Practice in Hollow Position: Bar Chin Up/ Chest To Bar/ Hip To bar
Then Transfer to Rings and Preform the same drills.

*Practice your Banded Transitions, working on the head through, shoulders all the over the rings.

*Practice Holding the Bottom of the Ring Support for up to :20 Seconds

*Practice Kipping out of your ring dip. Fast Hip Flexion, Soft knee Extention.
Do this for 15-18 Minutes.



Strict HSPU
2X Rowing For Calories (30-24-18)