210915 Coca-Cola and ACSM Disclosure

If you want to take a break from the great media that has been coming out of the Republican Primary lately (pun intended) then you can switch on over to the internet or perhaps your more Health Conscious media outlets and you will hear about the on-going drama with the American College of Sports Medicine and its link to the Coca-Cola Corporation.

Don't know what I am referring to? Well here is the short and skinny. For many years, big corporations as well as other interests including governmental have been funding the ACSM in order to produce science and information that will aid in the advancement of Health and Nutrition  Science. 

Not surprising, the Coca-cola corporation has products like Gatorade which are specifically marketed to Athletes in the realm of Sport. The fund the science, they get to hand write the information. Though that is a gross simplification, it is still what has been going on for some time. 

So Where is the rub?

Outside of the Science and information which has been clearly shown to be false (see electrolyte deficiencies due to sugar intake), the ACSM has been on the attack against CrossFit for numerous reasons. Coach Greg Glassman has made it abundantly clear that the Pot has been calling the kettle black when it comes to Judgement from the ACSM. Statements (from ACSM) have specifically dismissed the link between diet and obesity for example, while claiming that the Nutritional/Fitness information given in CrossFit education is not accurate. 

So here we move into the next chapter in this drama. Coca-Cola is about to name all the organizations that it has given money to for the purpose of Studies. ACSM is going to be on that list. What this does is puts ACSM in a tight bind with calling its science information relevant and doesn't give it much ground to stand on in its fight against CrossFit. 

At the End of the day, the Public deserves to know the absolute truth about sugar, nutrition, health, fitness, and a host of other things to better the lives of many. When large organizations lie and skew the truth, we should stand up and make it known. This Country has been fed (literally) lies about so many things pertaining to Nutrition and now we are seeing the damage that is taking place. Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimers; these diseases are going to cripple us as a society. We must act now and CrossFit is leading the Charge! Log on, educate and support the movement against sugar and junk science.


Double under Prep-work. Complex and ankle mobility 

12 Squat Therapy
10GHD HIp Extentions
12 Standing Toe Touch

Skill Work:

Front Rack Squat Holds X4 Sets X:15 Per

Deficit Deadlift X4 Sets X:15 Max Reps


100 Double Unders
Deadlift 115/75
Front Squat
100 Double Unders