220915 Fatten up your melon..

As we continue to look at mental and physical health later in life I want you to understand that the preparation for tomorrow begins right now! If you want to be good in your 60's, better be all good in your 50's.. and for that matter your 40's.... you get where I'm going with this. One way to ensure that your health will be maintained is by incorporating more FAT into your diet. 

Now I don't just mean you buy up Mc Donalds, start grinding on the leavings from your steak dinner (unless its grass fed beef), or start coating things in lard and frying them.... NOOOOO. Don't do that. A more responsible way to incorporate fat is through proper Omega 3's and plant based fats.

It must be said that in order you to incorporate the proper nutrition you must kick some other stuff out. What I am recommending is carbohydrates.** Why the astrisks? I include them because every athlete is different and sometimes good carbohydrates are needed to support high metabolic output. But if you are a 1 hour a day worker-outer then you should be limiting your carbs to maybe 40-80 grams of carbs per day. These should be limited to whole food and high fiber carbohydrates like nuts, fruit, quinoa, etc.

Now back to Fat..

Coconut oil, wild caught fish, grass fed beef, more nuts, avocados, are all forms of good fat that should be supplementing your carbohydrate reduction. Though it may be a bumpy road in the beginning, you will begin to feel differently in a weeks time and slowly come to despise the easy carbs that used to run your life and never satisfy you.

Take a DHA supplement. I prefer the Pure Pharma D3 supplement as it is encapsulated with coconut oil. DHA is vital for brain health and in fact, its combination with Omega-3 fatty acids are actually super fuel for brain function. The DHA will also help you sleep better which is vital for restoring the melon to its full capacity!!

Finally, keep up your exercise through CrossFit. Exercise turns your cells loose to function and fire like they are supposed to. When your brain is firing with the right amount of fat and morning exercise, the metabolic process can last the entire day. 

The gut/brain connection is fascinating. By stepping up your Fat game you will ensure that your mental accuity and physical power will be optimized for many years to come!

Banded Good Mornings/ Pass Thru/ Raptor Claw/ HamString Pulls

Snatch Warm Up

Skill Development:

Snatch Complex (12 Minutes)
Against the clock, build to your max load of
1) Tempo Deadlift +:03
2) Hang Snatch High Pull
3) Squat Snatch
* Do not drop the bar during the three movements.

Strength Work:

Back Squat
In 4-5 sets, build to your heaviest set of 2 reps.

Chin Ups
5 Sets of max Rep Chin Ups.