240915 Resveratrol reducing inflammation

By now you have all read enough of my Nutrition Science information to know that the #1 cause of most disease processes is INFLAMMATION. The Nutrients you take through diet which have inflammatory responses on your body's systems contribute to insulin sensitivity, cellular function, hardening of arteries and neural disfunction. In short, you must be ever vigiliant about eating and drinking fuel that does not spur these responses. And I have just found a powerhouse which can help keep inflammation down  may just be the fountain of youth.

Resveratrol is  classified as a polyphenol which by definition is a particular organic compound of Oxygen and Hydrogen. This is primarily found in the skin of grapes but it is also found in other nuts and dark colored berries. The chemical composition allows it to be broken down and utilized by the cells to remove all the oxidized waste within the cells and neurons. 

Huh? What is this guy talking about? 

Well here it is in a nutshell. The body begins to slow down at a certain age and we begin this aging process on a downward slope. Aging involves the 'gunking up' or 'breaking down' of cells. When cells stop functioning efficiently they act just like a washed up Al Bundy, they sit, they get fat, they die. 

This compound is in the same genre as other 'anti-oxidants' for its ability to reverse these processes. So reaching for the Red Wine may be more beneficial than you think. Before, many new revelations, it was known to keep arterial walls clear of plaque but now the science is showing a much deeper response. Even the neurons in the brain are benefitting from Resveratrol by breaking down the plaque. Brain function is intrinsically linked to your gut so if you would like to wage war against a loss of cognition and potential Alzheimers symptoms, I would highly recommend a couple glasses of wine!

Once again inflammation will harm your health. This surprisingly common compound has been shown to reverse ill effects brought on by age or diet. It is not a cure all pill but it can be integrated for good health and maybe even a nice conversation over a bottle at dinner!


8 min Quality Partner Warm Up
200m Run
12 Alternating Partner Push Ups
12 Alternating Jump Squats (Partner Holds Squat)
12 Alternating Barbell Press (Partner Holds Barbell overhead)
12 Alternating Jumping Pull Ups

15 minute AMRAP

7 Chest to Bar Pull Up/3 Muscle Ups
7 Jerks 185/115
7 Burpee