280915 "Karen"

"It is not what life has given you, it is about what you do with what you are given".

That which has brought us into the sport of CrossFit differs immensely. I have been forming and nurturing relationships within this beautiful sport for many years now and I can tell you that it is the most diverse group of people imaginable. 

Introvert/ Extrovert. Rich/Poor. Educated/Non-Educated. Driven/Motivated. When you cross the threshold of the gym for the first time and every day afterward... none of that shit matters. It is how this sport grabs you, how you become a vital piece of the community, how you push past your limits to become extraordinary. That my friends... is what truly matters. Diversity is a potent learning tool in many facets of life!

Many people I call family, have overcome obstacles on their journey towards better fitness and health. The keystone is your drive. Your mind and heart aligned and dedicated toward making your life and the lives around you better. This work, my friends, is a testament to the social contract that we make as a society; as a human race. Your passion for betterment is infectious and powerful in the society around you. 

Keep the drive, keep the passion. The world needs leaders like you. Strive to take the strengths that you have been given to make the community better and stronger. Be the change you wish to see in this world.


Leg Swings
Jumping Jacks
Toes To bar

Squat Flow

Aerobic Conditioning: Rowing
:30 Work/ :90 Rest
:60 Work/2:00 Rest
*Row 500m AFAP

-All Work is to be done at maximum intensity


150 Wall Ball Shots For Time 20/14#

Accessory Work:
30 Muscle Ups
Each time you drop off, do 20 Double Unders.