300915 "Why Come Down"

Lifestyle changes are hard to make. Regression is sometimes an easy option. But what do you gain from looking back and coming down from the place where you are positioned now? 

CrossFit, Healthy Lifestyle, Clean Nutrition, these are choices you have made. These have not been easy, sometimes you have had to alienate or drastically alter your previous life in order to make room for them. And to what end? I am sure that if you have embraced a life where the pillars are founded on positivity, community, and personal development; you see things more clearly, drama is less a part of your life and overall you feel better. 

You stand on the precipice, on an outcropping where life unfolds before you and you are able to see through the storms to the beautiful rainbows on the other side! So why come down? Why revert to the unhealthy choices that once clouded your mind? Why infect yourself in poisonous relationships and harmful thoughts? There really is no point.

Know Why? Because you have an army of friends and family behind you on that outcropping that support you, that surround you with positivity and will always be there to keep you reaching higher and higher to the throne of self consciousness ! Yes my friends, do not come down? 

Keep Reaching higher, diving deeper into your mind and heart. There is no turning back now, keep up the speed and we will be there to help you if troubles arise! Hold tight my friends to the strength inside yourself and forego the weakness that can grip you and ease you into the ease of failure. Life is short, if you are not reaching higher toward the truth, we are merely wasting time. 

I've got your back, do not come down.


Tabata your Warm Up! Alternating Burpees/Ring Rows

PVC Pass Thru
PVC Good Morning
PVC Trunk Circles
PVC Snatch Squat Press

Skill Development:

Back Squat
5X5 *Use 65-75% of 1RM, across all sets


For Time:
30 Chest TO bar Pull Up
400m Run
15 Overhead Squat 135/95
20 Burpees
15 Overhead Squat
400m Run
30 Chest To Bar Pull Up