090915 Lipid Protection

Fats are lipids. Fats are building blocks of all the cell membranes in the body.You must eat to prevent damage to these organelles.

Vitamins A,D, And E are Fat Soluble Lipids. These vitamins are responsible for metabolism, energy storage, and also components of healthy cells. You must eat to prevent oxidative damage to these cells.

I am going to put it simply for you tonight. B Vitamins are your shield to protect you from damaging your cells and the lids that make up your cells. B Vitamins are ubiquitous in more products that you can imagine. Pick up anything from your Cheerios or your Red Bull, and you will se an over abundance of B Vitamins listed on the ingredients. 

The problem with these food sources, (if you can't already guess), is that they are all processed! Food Companies have gotten smart by fortifying all the products they sell with these processed vitamins. Those processed vitamins are about as good for you as the processed bullshit that they are injected with. 

True Lipid protection should come from whole foods. When you integrate spinich, kale, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms into your diet, you will do more for your skin health and liver function than any processed food ever consumed. It does not matter that the label on your red bull says that you will get 5,000 percent of your daily B12, your gut will not take up nearly any compared to eating proper food. 

Keep this in mind as we think of our performance on a cellular level. Muscles and bones thrive on the cells that make them up. When you protect your lipids from oxidation, (free radicals) by eating proper 'B packed' foods, you will keep your performance at a much higher level! Train hard and eat well. It all starts in your gut.


Banded Pass Thru / Banded Lat Stretch/ Banded Hip Stretch

1 Min At Each :
Single Unders
Double Unders
High Knee Rope Skips

5X Back and Forth Bear Crawl in Gym
20X Squat Therapy on Wall
20X Barbell Back Rack Press And Shrug
4X Rope Climb

Strength Development:

Back Squat
5X5@ 78%


9X Thruster 115/75
15X Pull Ups / 8X Bar Muscle Ups
31X Double Unders ( NO SINGLES)