100915 Movement and Motive

Today's workout is especially geared to my surfing community. The training involved in balance, pushing strength, and midline strength couple with the sport rather well.

Gymnastic training came to me years after I had already been building skate ramps and jumping over anything concrete. What I found was that my Proprioceptive ability (balance in space) suited me well when I had to flip, jump and land without sticking my head in the floor. Surfing is really no different. If you grew up learning how to stand on water, you have developed neural connections that will suit you well when building your gymnastic skills. 

Ring Dips demand midline stability with the absolute strength of tricep pushing. As you get stronger in the gym, your ability to move your body quickly on and over objects will be heightened.

Toes to bar utilize the lats, quads, hip flexor, abdominals, and a host of spinal extensors and flexors. The process, when done correctly, is a harmonious firing of all muscle fibers to stabilize and flex the body to the bar. When surfing, you must have a solid kick (hip flexors and quads) and midline stability ( prone paddling ) to keep the board underneath you when going for a wave.

Kettle bells swings will make you stronger than you can believe. Your shoulder strength, thoracic flexibility, and mobility are all benefits of the all in one exercise. 

Gymnastics is the root of all athletic endeavours. Master your body and you will become stronger than ever. Enjoy and train hard.


Leg Swings
Ankle Rotations
Calf Stretch
400m Run
Shoulder Rolls
Arm Swings
Up Back And Overs
40 Push Ups
Glute Bridge With Reach
Elbow to Instep W Reach
Iron Cross
40 Sit Ups
Inch Worm
Superman Rocks
Hollow Rocks
40 Leg Levers

Gymnastic Skill Development:

Practice for 15 Mins
-10 One Arm Push Ups
-8 Hips to rings Pull Ups W/ Kip
-8 Strict Toes To Bar
-Max Time Handstand Hold



Ring Dips
Toes To Bar
KB Swing 70/53