120116 "Sleepy Head"

Have you ever heard the adage about sleep? Where it sorts through your day, removes all the B.S. and leaves you with only the memories and imprints of only what is important and throws away the rest? This course of clarity is a way to cleanse and refresh the mind for the next day ahead . Sleep is an amazing thing not only to keep us sharp but to keep the muscles and hormones at their peak levels.

Sleep is as vital as any supplement you may take. Sleep rebalances and reformats the neurological, hormonal, muscular and skeletal systems. As I explained before the neurological system fills with stress and needs to recover from constant stimulation; especially if your are training upwards of 4 hours per day. Hormones ebb and flow during the day and sleep helps to rebalance the connection between the Gut and the Brain. For Muscular and skeletal health, sleep allows blood to flow back to the inflamed or worked areas of the body and flushes out all the inflammatory substances.

Here are some key tips to get the most out of your recovery sleep:
1) Darken the Room. This means drapes, towels, unplugging lights, and even and eye mask to help shield you from outside light. Be strict about this and you will assuredly see a difference in quality of sleep.

2) Go to sleep early. It has been shown and I have read many studies about sleep beginning before midnight being better and more quality than sleep that begins after that time.

3) Watch out for stimulants. Drinking, alcohol or caffeine can significantly alter your sleep pattern and quality.

4) Keep it cool. Cold and dark are consistently keys to good sleep with proper recovery.

Try it tonight... We will spend so much of our lives asleep, why not get the most out of it!!


25 Banded Romanian Deadlift W/ Barbell
25 Frog Jump Lateral
25 Banded Press W/ Shrug
25 Banded Row


6X5 Plyometic Hurdle Hops

Skill Development:
Odd: 3 Snatch Deadlift/ 1 Hang Power Snatch/ 1 Squat Snatch
Even: 25 Double Unders


30 Snatches for Time