150116 "Mega Magnesium"

CrossFit atheltes, Paddlers, surfers, sport enthusiasts of all kinds could be hindering performance due to a lack of magnesium supplementation. As a standard educational mantra, athletes are told to replenish Potassium and sodium after bouts of exercise or sport. But what is missing is the vital mineral Magnesium!

This fact is concerning, considering that CrossFitters and high intensity athletes are more likely to suffer from hypomagnesemia and other electrolyte imbalances more than the average person. Face it, you pee more, sweat more and use more electrolytes because of fluid intake and excretion.

During strenuous activity magnesium is required by muscles and organs and a situation occurs where there is a deficit of Magnesium and it cannot be easily restored from good whole foods. Continuous magnesium supplementation needs to be something that you as a badass athlete need to consider if you are wanting to recover correctly and perform at your peak level. Magnesium is also used in large amounts for ATP production and to aid in recovery in muscles!

Electrolyte drinks and sports drinks like Gatorade are not good sources of anything but sugar. They are certainly poor at remedying hypomagnesemia because many of these supplements don’t contain magnesium. What’s even worse is that magnesium isn’t highly concentrated in many of the different foods that we eat on a daily basis. Supplementing is definitely necessary

There are a multitude of studies that suggest correcting magnesium deficiency can also improve overall athletic performance.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a supplement and how much to take:

1)Proper magnesium supplementation should be based on your bodyweight.

2)Half of your daily dosage should be taken immediately after a workout. The rest of your daily magnesium supplemental dosage should be taken at bedtime to help facilitate recovery and improve sleep quality.

3)Recommended guide: 200 mg for every 50 lbs of bodyweight.

4)On days of increased physical performance, you may need to increase the dosage to 300 mg for every 50 lbs of bodyweight.

Recovery and sleep... Sign me up!!

Baseline Mobility:
Spend 5 mins rolling out your T-spine and lats>

20m High Skip
20m Bounding
3 Wall Climbs

Strict press from Rack

5@ 60%



Row For Cals
Jerks 135/95
*Run 200m Between Rounds