180116 "Courage"

CrossFit is many things. It can be a sport, a community, a challenge. So often I find that new athletes make their way into the gym as a way to prove that they had the courage to do so. Amazing. Really. Courage is strength in the face of fear.

On the other side of my experience I have noticed that many athletes gain a confidence, a greater courage by engaging in CrossFit. This also is truly why I have given so many years and sacrificed so much to build a wide reaching community. When you can inspire someone and make them stronger on a soulful, spiritual, and emotional level.... it is the most rewarding thing ever. Courage is infectious. When you have courage to push boundaries or stand on your morals, you affect positive change in the world around you.

Let's tackle this week with the idea of our own Courage. The homework is to analyze our own levels, perhaps see how we can use CrossFit to build a foundation to help us grow. Also I want everyone to really find a way to use the Courage that has been instilled in you, to better the world around you. Can you help give a voice to someone who doesn't have one; can you act to make substantial change even if it is as small as just making things more efficient at work?

CrossFit is an incredible tool... use it.


Mobility; Box Pigeon / Ankle Rotation/ Scorpion Stretch

Wall Ball
Front Squat

In 6-7 sets, Build to a Heavy 3 RM Box Squat


9 Double KB Russian Swings
15 Double KB Front Rak Lunges
21 Mountain Climbers