190116 "Coca Cola and the mis-branding of "Exercise is medicine""

I want to keep everyone on the forefront of what is going on with Coca-Cola and the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). To recap, late in 2015 the ACSM finally came clean about the research that has been done and standards that have been practiced for many years. The main funding organization is the Coca-Cola Corporation which has essentially hand written the science we use for athletics and Nutrition science.

CrossFit has been the thorn in the side of the ACSM for a long time since the two ideologies behind proper nutrition and health science are many times polar opposites. Coach Greg Glassman has been speaking out on this subject for some time but recently toured many CrossFit gyms giving talks on the subject. This is what the video is about.

Coca-Cola and the sugar sweetened beverage industry has made billions off consumers and is as ingrained in our modern culture as the car... Sugar, as you know, is not a friend of mine. I have researched and educated myself into having the same sentiments as the CrossFit Corporation. Please understand that I would love nothing more than for all of you to kick the sugar habits, especially in soda. The fact is that.... it is harder than quoting smoking.

The world is on the precipice of realization of what sugar sweetened beverages and soda are doing to our obesity, mal-nutrition epidemic. I pray that the USA gets on board with the rest of the world before its too late. Just as the Tobacco industry finally had its day in public court, so will the Soda industry.

Read, watch, listen to what science you are fed and what logically makes sense. Break the habits and old notions about what you put in your body. Even though soda is dispensed practical everywhere, it is not good for you. Remember, only 15 or so years ago you could walk up to a vending machine and buy cigarettes!!....

Baseline Mobility:

Rotator Cuff Complex/ Banded Good Mornings/ Banded Pass Thru

Baseline Warm Up:
Double Tabata Row
8 Rounds; :40 work, :20 Rest

Gymnastic Skill Work:
False Grip Ring Row or Supine Pull Up
Russian Twist W/ Slam Ball 20#
One arm Push Up
GHD Hip Extension


400m Run
Max Knees to Elbow
Rest :90

400m Run
Max Pistol Squats

400m Run
Max Chest To bar Pull Ups

*Score is all reps completed from each AMRAP.