200116 "Perception Rules"

Ok. Im a geek for science. Especially Brain Science. Even more for Performance Brain Science. The science about what makes each and every one of you tick. Understanding what is the best way to crack the hundreds of brains I have to convince and motivate daily.

The TED talk below is right on when it comes to explaining how and why people act and think the way they do. The truth is, Exercise and motivation are all very subjective. You alone have or do not have the drive, you alone set unique goals, you alone see the world in a completely different way than everyone else.

Yesterday we had to run a little bit. 3/4 of a mile to be exact. I will say that 80% whined when they saw the workout. It makes me scratch my head a bit until I watched this TED talk. It all comes down to motivation and perception. The vast majority who HATE running are simply displaying a short sighted view of the exercise and not thinking about the end goal. It is not like I demand 10+ miles out of anyone and yet there is push back.

The take away is that to change your perception to a positive and present consciousness; will yield a experience and drive that is more focused and more successful. As you cross the threshold of the gym each day, remember what is pushing you to be there. Hold every rep as a victory, every step as a goal completed... and push on.. remember that the dive is courageous and never ending!





Mobility; Banded Samson Stretch W/ Pass Thru, Banded Press, dynamic Head to toe warm up

10 Burpee Tuck Jump
20 Double Unders

Skill Development:

*Building to a heavy load
2X Push Press
1X Push Jerk
1X Split Jerk


40 Double Unders
3 Squat Clean and Jerk 185/135

*Kindly taken from CrossFit Linchpin