210116 "Muscle Fuel"

Recovery is the catch word in training like 'Organic' is in health food. Every athlete wants to recover correctly, mitigating pain, aches, and shortening the time before they feel 100% again. CrossFitters are especially concerned with recovery. Well I am here to say that YOU cannot recover on Protein alone!

That is right. Protein in the form of whey; which is what 99% of brands use as a protein source; can only give a certain level of amino acids to muscles. So hear me out on this... When you as a CrossFit, paddling, surfing, otherwise badass athlete does a bout of intense training or competition there are two things that need to be refueled in the metabolic system; fuel (carbohydrates) and amino acids/proteins. By and large, the bulk of what our overall fitness demands is carbohydrates as this elevates muscular performance. Amino acids, more than just your average BCAA's, are needed primarily in Anaerobic work like strength training.

Recovery as it relates to muscle nutrient replacement is therefore in need of much more of a supplement and whole food profile than just a 'Recovery Whey Protein'. Unfortunately most brands cannot and do not have the means to give you adequate carbohydrates in any form other than sucrose or fructose. They rely on cheap WHEY protein and sweeteners to try an refuel you.

I back a Brand called Vitargo which is a Muscle Fuel. The product is Gluten Free and is a Fractionated Barley product. This stuff works really well. I have been in this business for a long time and have tried so many different supplements. I bring this to your attention as many of you paddlers and canoe athletes are gearing up for your season. Your endurance is crucial and so is your muscular performance. Along with the proper training in the gym, you should begin to try different recovery supplements BEFORE the season starts.

The cool thing about this brand as well is that there is also a Carb/ Protein blend that they do which is literally the best product I have ever used. Also, they are coming out with Electrolyte tabs for use in replacement for long runs.. paddles... etc.

Get with me if you are interested in trying some. If we can get 5-7 people who want to go in on a shipment I will get a wholesale deal on it. So think about it, what you are planning to accomplish and lets roll!!



Plyo Step
High Skip
Lateral Bounding
Broad Jumps
Triple Jumps

Midline Mania:

4 Rounds... 1 min at each Exercise
Pull Up Hold
Bodyweight Front Rack Hold
Superman Hold
Handstand Hold

For Time;

10 Alternating DB Snatch 70/50
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20
15 Snatch
10 Box Jump Overs
20 Snatch
10 Box Jump Overs
25 Snatch
10 Box Jump Overs