220116 "Tillman"


Pat Tillman was a Professional Football player for the Phoenix Cardinals who left a career to join the U.S. Army Rangers in 2002 after the Sept. 11 attacks. He was a man of high morals, who devoted his life to making change and committed to securing the security of every citizen of the USA. He was deployed and on a mission when he was killed in 2004.

His wife started the Pat Tillman Foundation which has given thousands of dollars to military members and their families in the form of Educational scholarships. This unique scholarship program has flourished over the years and has been very successful in helping people.

I program this workout in Honor of Pat twice a year as a way to honor this man who literally gave everything for the greater good. A man who truly believed that standing for something like the cause of freedom is greater than any fame or fortune. I admire that and I encourage you to do your own research into this hero as well as many others who have given their lives in the same way.


Banded Low Back Distraction stretches; Hamstring Pulls ,iron cross iteration, etc.

15 Banded Good Mornings
10 KB Windmills
8 Pull Ups



7 Rounds For Time

7 Deadlift 315/225
200m Run
15 Pull Ups
:45 Rest after each round