260116 "Positive Thinking"

A baseline objective of an athlete is to win the mind over. Yes, the mind. Your mind. The one inside your head. Though it may seem like it is on cruise control most of the time and constantly stuck on dwelling in the negative aspects of the day; Your mind is still YOURS and by Consciously thinking positive you can make major steps towards greatness.

Misery loves company, right? How often do we sit down with our friends, family, (especially) spouses and rant about the negative things that have happened to us. This is supposed to be making us feel better when in reality it is just driving the incidents or thoughts deeper into our consciousness and also infecting our sounding board with negative thoughts. What if you thought and then spoke? What if you started a conversation with positive greetings and thoughts rather than negative? Don't you think that would make any situation better?

As an athlete there is a lot of self-talk going on. It seems that it is YOU VS. BRAIN whenever you are about to compete, do a workout, perform a lift etc. Self Doubt sometimes takes hold of our thoughts. We think we cannot do something or lack the confidence in our performance. This is a manifestation of FEAR in our lives. And Fear... is many time just a figment of our imagination as we have never truly experienced the negativity that we are so clearly imagining! Winning the mind is crucial for athletic performance. Positive Self Talk, revisiting your Purpose, and Principles. Relying on your past accomplishments to guide you performance rather than your imagination. These tactics are healthier and will yield more success in the long run.

Positive thinking calms the mind and puts you firmly in the drivers seat. Surrounding yourself with people that live positively, think positively, and act positively will yield great things for you as an athlete. Luckily in CrossFit we have lots of these types of people. The change that you make by living and thinking positively has a greater reach than you think. You family, community, friends, all will benefit creating a environment where you and those around you are flourishing instead of faltering in life. Imagine the posibilities.

Now none is perfect but just like other aspects of your health and nutrition we start in small easy to swallow steps. Start with a few times per day to stop and think about the good stuff. Think before you begin conversations with friends.. Easy fixes that can amount to great things.

Baseline Mobility:

Squat Flow!!!

5X 50m Banded Buddy Pulls


Back Squat (Week 10)
*Consistency and Deload week

3X8 @ 30-40% of Previous 1 Rm
*Use Tempo 3,0,1

2X15 Free Tempo @ 40-50%

Partners "Sync'd" ... For Time...

50 Sit Up
40 Push Up
30 Front Squat 75/55
20 F.R. Lunges 95/65
10 Thrusters 115/75