040115 "Take Your apple another Way"

The benefits of the high fiber fruit have been studied and pushed since before Sir Issac Newton saw one fall from the tree. But have you heard about the benefits and uses of the fermented version of the apple? Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to aid in all aspects of the digestion process including helping to increase weight loss. And if you don't want to drink it, you can clean your house with it... So many ways to benefit.

PreBiotics... By now I am sure you have read my blog posts about the benefits of PRObiotics but maybe not PREbiotics. Probiotics are primarily fermented or highly nutrient rich vegetables that increase the production and growth of digestive bacteria in the intestines and stomach. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great prebiotic if you buy the raw or unprocessed version of the liquid. As an adage to your meals or pre-meal drink, you can ramp up the amount and power of your digestive bacteria.

When you boost the digestive power of your system you inherently begin to digest more efficiently . Efficiency means weight loss benefits can be seen over a faster period of time. Apple Cider Vinegar is high in acid and when that enters the stomach it creates a high volume of HCL (hydrochloric acid). HCL is a vital ingredient in the breakdown of proteins and can disrupt the absorption of starches. By passing starches through your GI system and absorbing the dense proteins and vitamins, you let the crap go by and absorb the good!

Correct absorption means that your blood sugar is more balanced; hormones are kept in check and life is better all around.

Sold at every grocery store; Apple Cider Vinegar has more uses than just digestion. Use as a weed killler, furniture cleaner, and in skin care.. But make sure you buy the most unprocessed version to make sure you get all the benefits that this mighty product has to offer. Start your 2016 off right and step into proper health.



Hamstring Distraction Mobility/ Lat band Mobility

Lateral Cone Drill
10 One Legged Deadlift W/ KB 53/35
10 Windmills

"Tabata Mash Up"
8 Rounds of :20 work/ :10 Rest
*Proceed from one exercise to the next. Very little rest time between tabata, just set and then go!

1) Handstand Push Up
2) Deadlift 155/105
3) Strict Toes To Bar
4) Hang Power Clean 155/105

Cool Down:
2 Mins Hollow Hold
1 Min Couch Stretch (ea leg)
2 min Superman Hold