070116 "Keep your teeth in your mouth"

Sugar in Food and drink has long been suspected to cause not just obesity and metabolic syndrome but tooth decay. Tooth decay and enamel depletion, though once thought to be merely a cosmetic problem, has recently been shown to bring about infection and disease . The amount of Sugar consumption that most americans take in through carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks has increased cavities and tooth decay.

In the U.S. we are blessed with orthodontics and somewhat standard dental care for kids. In many countries in Central and South America who consume even more sugar and carbonated drinks that we do, are facing a public health problem due to kids with rotting teeth and infections that begin in the mouth.

Sugar and mouth bacteria create a sticky coating on the teeth where bacteria can grow. The bacteria eat away at enamel and then attack the tooth, draining it of minerals. Cavities are the next thing to happen and then once bacteria and disease has access to your body through your teeth, done deal. You get sick. Add to that, Soda is very acidic. If you have ever seen what the acid of soda can do to a penny that has been dropped into a glass, you can imagine what can happen to a porous tooth!

Don't let you or your kids get "Mountain Dew Mouth"!!! Don't drink soda. Soda is to your teeth as smoking is to your lungs! If you like the bite of carbonated drinks, try the Safeway Refreshe drinks or sparkling water. If you are totally addicted to soda, poor you, then save that 1 soda for a day when you want to treat yourself . But the moral of the story is to kick the sugar and soda habit. Save that beautiful smile and make your mom proud.


3 Rounds for Quality
:15 Side Hollow Hold "L"
12 Wall Ball Shots
:15 Side Hollow Hold "R"

Push Press
*Keep the Reps Low, this should not take more than 12 minutes.

10 Min AMRAP
Max Rep Wall Ball
*Every Minute, stop what you are doing and do 2 Snatch @ 75-80% of your 1 RM.
*For Fitness... Sub out Snatch for 5 Overhead Squats @115/75