111016 "Go ahead, Indulge"

I do my best to instruct you on just what NOT to eat most of the time...

Well tonight I want to tell you about three things that you can and SHOULD eat or drink to keep your GUT healthy. And we know from my writings that when the GUT is healthy, your body and mind are healthy!

1) Wine. Packed with Flavonoids that are produced by the plant and developed in the skin of the grape. These powerful anti-oxidants protect your cells against free radicals. This can be beneficial in beating cancer and cardiovascular disease.
2) Tea and Coffee. Polyphenols are abundant in both of these beverages and have been studied for years. What science tells us is that by helping to nourish our GUT microbiota, the downstream effects are life long and system wide. GUT bacteria influence how much inflammation occurs throughout the body so it is pretty damn important that you keep these little buggas happy.
3) Chocolate.. I can see a few of you smiling right now. Yep... Chocolate (pure dark chocolate not milk chocolate) can actually improve your sensitivity to insulin and keep your GUT bacteria in check. Flavonoids, anti-inflammatories, and better metabolism all from eating chocolate. 

So go ahead and indulge my friends. Life is meant to be lived and if you do things right, you can really enjoy the beauty of what nature has to offer. 

500m Row
Push Ups
Tuck Jumps

Lunge Flow

T Spine Mobility
10X W Waves
10X S Waves
10X Blackburns
10 X Squat W/ T spine Stretch

For Time
45 Wall Ball
30 Box Jump Overs
20 Power Clean 135/95
30 Box Jump Overs
45 Wall Ball

Cash Out:
3X 15
HD Sit Up