141016 "The World Sees the Need"

This week the New York Times published an article about the World Health Organization. 

The WHO is a watch dog group of scientists and policy makers that advise health policy for the world. With the uproar of certain groups, Like CrossFit and scientists worldwide, there is a push to tax Soda companies on the sale of sugar sweetened beverages. The goal is to put the money raised into curbing obesity and metabolic disease. 

Research, education and treatment are serious issues especially in our country. Sugar Sweeteend Beverages constitute a large part of what americans drink each day. From your Sugar laden Starbucks to straight up soda, this shit is killing us after than you think. 

For many years now the American Beverage Assocaition has been fighting the implementation of taxes on beverages. New York, California, and Pennsylvania are some of the main headliners in the fight against big soda. In fact, Pennsylvania finally passed a Soda tax this year that was initially set in motion over 10 years ago! The reason that the tax is so hard to implement is that the Lobby from the Soda industry is one of the strongest in the world of politics. I would even say it is stronger than Big Tobacco in their hay day! 

The fight is alive my friends! You have a choice each day to participate blindly to the poisoning of your body or you can simply choose to not buy into what is shoved in front of you. The choice is yours. Information is out there on obesity rates, metabolic conditions and health problems. Educate and stay conscious, remember that what you put in your body reflects in your performance. 


400m Run
Banded Good Mornings X15
Banded Iron Cross X 15
Banded Hip ActivationX 10
400m Run
Single Leg Med Ball Up and Over X12 (ea Leg)
Med Ball Shots X 12
Med Ball Russian TwistX 20


12 Rounds For Time

6 Deadlift @ 225/135
1 Round of Cindy
(5 Pull Up/ 10 Push up/ 15 Air Squat)