181016 "Want Gainz? Chew More"

I will be the first to admit that I inhale my food. On a normal day I run around at warp speed on a calorie deficit and when I do get chance to eat (either sitting or standing); the task becomes less about consuming my fuel and more about seeing how much I can put in my mouth at one time! 

This morning I saw myself crushing my breakfast and downing my coffee when I began to wonder just what I was missing by doing this. After a quick search i found a great article that pretty much confirmed what i already supposed about eating tot fast. 

The link to the article is  HERE .

Im not going to summarize the article as I want you to read it yourself. What I will do is give you some important points to think about next time you are chewing. Chewing more can help you lose weight, absorb nutrients better and regulate hormone levels. 

It is simple to see that having larger food particles in your stomach and gut will bombard it and the result is going to be that the food gets passed right through and out. Chewing food also helps you eat slower, thereby aiding you in becoming more of a present human being... Living in the moment... See how I just brought that in....

The goal of optimal health begins in your mouth! Set yourself up for success and chew a few reps more. 

400m Run
Squat Flow
400m Run

Double Under Progression

Pausing Backsquat
10X 2 @72-78%


12 Min AMRAP
10X Man-eaters 40/30
40X Double Unders