201016 "Beet Juice"

I love beets. From the dark and rich color to the intense amount of fiber that makes up each taste orb of goodness; it is hard not to get fired up about this badass vegetable. 

Beets are perfect roasted and placed on salads and as a stand alone dish but they can also be used in the juicer to give you some serious health benefits. 

Beets naturally open blood vessels and provide nitrates that are transformed into NITRIC OXIDE which increases your bodies ability to utilize oxygen. In the running and endurance world, there is a big push for runners to consume beet juice to keep them in the fight for long periods of time without ill effects of other supplements. 

Beets help fight cancer by helping your body with polyphenols and other flavonoids. These important enzymes I have spoken about many times in relation to the anti-inflammatory process in the GUT. 

Finally the Liver and kidneys love beets in any form for their ability to detoxify the body. They act by flushing out the system and helping to create new red blood cells to cary nutrients and oxygen. 

Beet juice is simple and can be naturally sweet. Here is a great recipe that can simply be made with your home juicer:
1 Large (roasted) beet
1 medium green apple
3 Stalks of Celery.

This juice gives you your daily amount of Vitamin C and a good bit of fiber. Because it is an anti-inflammatory juice this would be good mixers with Collagen Powder for a Post- Workout juice!! Sounds Good Huh???!!!!

Be healthy and thrive my friends...

100m Med Ball Run
10 Med Ball Up and Over 'L"
10 Wall Ball
10 Med Ball Up and Over 'R'
10 Wall Ball

10X Partner Med Ball Pass Side to Side
10X Partner Med Ball Pass Up and Over
10 X  Partner Med Ball Pass Wood Chop

100m Buddy Carry

Pressing Movement Prep
-Strict Press
-Push Press
-Push Jerk

10 Shoulder Press 115/75
15 OHS
20 Push Press
25 Front Squat
30 Push Jerk
35 Hang Power Clean

Midline Work:
25 Hip Extension
25 Strict Toes To bar