031016 "Spinach, Leek, and White Bean Soup"

Im Feeling super 'Fall-ey'. That is my thinking is less about abundant fruit salads and more about the fall vegetables and hearty soups. I like these things not only for the diversity that it brings to my diet but for the relative ease of preparation . 

Today I want to give you guys a recipe that fulfills both the senses and your GUTS desire for satisfaction. It is a hearty soup that can be made with less or more carbs depending on your diet. I prefer this recipe with a bit more protein sometimes and more carbs sometimes.. The deal is that it fits your diet in whatever way you want. 

Spinach, Leek and White Bean Soup. WITH CHICKEN!

First take 3-4 Tablespoons of Coconut oil and add it to a pan. 
Then, Chop up 3-4 Leeks really well
Then, chop fine 2-3 Cloves of garlic.
Place these in the pan with the oil and sauté .

Secondly comes the Chicken Stock or Beef Broth. You will need about 40 oz of the home made stuff or you can go to the store and buy two of the large containers. I like homemade and I like to go big so that there is enough broth for the added grains. Add Broth to the saucepan.
Then, put 2 cans of ORGANIC white beans or cannellini beans into the mix. 
Then, 2 Bay Leaves
Then, Salt and Pepper (enough so that you can stir it in and see it all around)
Then, 2 Teaspoons of Cumin
Then, 2 Teaspoons of paprika (I like Pepper)

Third you must add the grains. I say grains because you can use a few different things. I have used Rice, I have used Quinoa, I have used Couscous. Whatever you are feeling, play with it. You will need about 1 to 1.5 cups of whatever you want. Feel out how much broth you have and how thick you want the soup. Let that cook until soft. 

Grill a few chicken breasts and chop them up for addition right before the meal is served. 
Once the grains are soft you can add in 2-3 cups of spinach or Kale depending on your flavor.. You call it. 

To keep the integrity of the greens in order, try to serve a couple minutes after putting them in or else they get kinda wilty (is that a word??). 

Cooking is all about having fun. Many people come up to me with literal fear in their eyes about what and how exactly to make food. Please calm down. Get creative, look beyond what you ALWAYS do and find out how mixing spices can really boost your recipes. Don't be afraid to fail in the kitchen, be afraid to not push yourself. There could be a lot of nutrition you are leaving... at the store. 


Skip 50m
Duck Walk 50m
High Knees 50m
Side Shuffle 50m
Jumping Jack Side Shuffle 50m
Skip 50m
Bounding 50m
Single Leg Bound 50m

Squat Flow

Skill Competency:
5 Rounds of Gymnasty Skills
10 Pistol Squat

22 Min Partner AMRAP
Teams of 2-3
7 Rope Climb
10 Thruster 155/105
15 Power Clean
45 Cal Row
* Move In Conga Line Styl