251016 "More Brain Gainz"

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? 

Basically the main character is a washed up party guy who stubbles upon a miracle drug that enhances his brain function to the limits where he actually is able to do some pretty trip shit. The initial result is that he figures out the Stock Market, kiss it in all aspects of his life... only to completely unravel later in the movie and fall on his ass... 

Its pretty good.. but maybe thats just because I like Bradley Cooper. 

Either way we all want bigger brain gains. If you are a student writing essays or a professional adult who has a workload and meetings to contend with each day, there is always a need to ge a brain boost. Science has shown that the simple regiment of good nutrition, sleep and exercise are the keys to long term cognitive development and growth over the course of your life. Also not grinding yourself into the same rhythm each day with no deviation can really stunt the mind as you get older. 

Back in the 1970's brain chemistry and function made a real breakthrough. Scientists discovered a class of chemicals and amino acids that they called "Nootropics". While there was a lot of scientific criteria for outlining these chemicals there were some key points that each of these brain enhancing items had to have:
1) Had to boost cognitive function.
2) Were non toxic to the body.
3) Did not produce stimulant or depressive effects.
4) Should protect the brain and not harm it.

WOW! Sounds good right? Sign me up for this magic pill. But like all things supplemental there are some catches to taking these brain boosters. 
1) You have to consistently stay on them to increase the effect. You can't just take them one day and have them make you smarter for years to come. 
2) The long term use has not been studied. Although they are non-toxic for the brain and body.. no-one really knows what being on them for 30+ years would do to you??
3) Effects vary from person to person. 

Now where can you try these things. Well at every 7 eleven you can buy them usually in the form of energy drinks. Not all.. but a couple of them. Red Bull for instance is chalked full of Taurine which is a powerful Nootropic chemical. Taurine is also a vital amino acid that everyone should take. The problem with buying them in energy drink form is that the caffeine and sugar drown out the benefits, giving you a jittery high along with the confidence and cognitive benefits of the taurine. 

Brands Like ONNIT, made very popular recently after they began sponsoring action sport athletes and UFC fighters, make brain Nootropics that are very high quality. I personally have tried this brand and find that it works...OK. Once again I am not taking it every day so the benefits are marginal. But my good friend who was just finishing Nursing school took them every day and he said the results were amazing!! So you can try and find out for yourself.

Developing a mind without boundaries or opening your mind more and more is something that we all want and I believe need. As I have stated before, no supplement can replace good nutrition, sleep and exercise but if you are someone looking for a boost and are down to try something new.. go for it.. 

If you end up hacking the stock market like Bradley Cooper, just remember who got you on it!!


15 Banded Good Mornings
15 Banded Iron Cross
15 banded Hip Acitvation
15 Side Lunge
15 Jump Lunge
15 Burpees

Skill Development:
Sumo Deadlift

2 Min Amrap
-rest 2 mins
-rest 2 Mins

15 V Ups
12 SDHP 95/65
9 KB Swing 70/53

*Each Amrap Starts from the the V ups.... This is a pacing workout. All out for 2 mins, 80% for 4 mins, and smooth and steady for 6 mins...