271016 "Soda/Tobacco; Same or Different?"

Since the scientific community has gotten into the public ear about the epidemic of nutrition in the United States, the soda industry has quickly had a spotlight directed straight at it. 

Similarities between a previous pariah, the Tobacco industry, and the Soda Industry cannot be missed. There are of course;
1) Misleading public policy campaigns
2) Lobbying at the highest levels of government.
3) Scientific studies and claims that are biased.
4) Overwhelming scientific facts that are simply dismissed about both.

Yet the Soda Indistry continues to deny and promote lower sugar products and 'more natural' products while at the same time lobbying with the American Beverage Association to not levy such attacks against its funding bodies. 

CrossFit.com posted a very relevant article from Scientific American about the current state of this fight. 

Have you been hearing about this fight? The simple answer is NO. Public health has consistently taken a back seat in the public policy debate because the funding dollars are spread all over campaigns nationwide. 

As we continually stay conscious about our health and nutrition choices, you can think about this fact next time you think about reaching for any Sugar Sweeteend Beverage; money from the cost of that beverage is being used by comapanies and lobbyists top keep you in the dark about the harmful effects that soda is having on communities nationwide!


500m Row
Plate Hops
Push Ups

High Knee Pulls
Quad Pulls
Hip Swivel Kicks
Marching High Kicks
PLyo Steps
Fig 4 Drill
Change Of Direction
Banded Buddy Pulls

Skill Development:
Gymnasty 10
:30 L Sit
:20 Chin Over Bar Hold
12 Pistol Squats (reverse Lunges)

25m Bear Crawl
Sprint 100m
25 Pull Ups