041016 "Im Calling Bullshit"

While perusing my daily sites I came across an article that caught my eye. 

"The Best Time To Exercise if you want to lose weight"

The article describes a 2010 study where subjects were fed or not fed and then asked to exercise to measure their insulin tolerance. 

To sum up the article, the author talks VERY briefly about how the test was run and then vaguely lists the results of the study. In summary, the subjects that were given no food and then asked to exercise early in the morning showed the greatest insulin tolerance adaptation. The author summarized that this insulin tolerance resulted in greater weight loss. 

Now... I went and looked up the entire study that does have a lot of scientific information that is entirely relevant to the overall test and not so clear for a lay person to understand. There are some interesting insulin testing and muscle biopsies that were taken on the subjects that studied muscle cells and lipid profiles , very cool stuff but not for everyone. 

Where I have a problem is that the author clearly took the abstract (summary) of the study and made a clear statement that someone casually reading the article would take as fact. 

Dissemination of information in the nutrition world is reliant on the authors undersanding of the material and science. This is a huge problem in the world today when there is information coming at you from every direction, based on science, yet completely contradicory to the last thing you were told. 

This study does draw the correlation between insulin intolerance and weight gain but misses all the real science about what the subjects were fed, how they were asked to workout , and the REAL reason for the test in the first place! This drives me crazy as I have made i my life's mission to educate you all on relevant and prudent science to make your lives better. 

For the casual reader they are literally going to take away from the article that they need to starve themselves in the morning, workout first thing or else get fat and lazy. And this is simply not true. Nutrition science, CrossFit training, and modern medicine has shown that the metabolic process and healthy living can deliver a result for each person individually and do it in a healthy way. 

So.... Stick with me my friends. I will not steer you wrong and give you REAL solutions to optimal health. Please read all Nutrition, Fitness, and Health publications with clear and wide eyes. I am always here to answer questions and guide you along the way. 


Even- Deadlift 10 Reps @275/155
Odd- Supine Ring Pull Up X 10 reps
          Or- Muscle Ups X3-5 reps

12 Pull Up
12 Burpee To PLate
200m Sprint

Cash Out:
3X 15