311016 "The art of Loving Kindness"

As most of you know I spend most of my weekends up on the Tough Mudder Warm Up Stage. My goal is to motivate, inspire and generally develop an awareness of what the participants are about to engage in. One topic that resonates through each of my 30 Warm Up Speeches is, "Get to know your fellow runners." 

What I speak about is my desire for each participant to speak to and REALLY listen to the other runners on the course. The outcome is a greater undersanding of each other and subsequently, more compassion for each and everyone around them. Instead of pursuing personal goals of achievement; seeking to better someone else's experience, because, in turn your reward will be infinitely more fulfilling. 

So much of the human experience today is about quick and personal satisfaction. After a week spent in New York this is very apparent. Each soul seems to be rushing from place to place, never even raising an eye for the others a whom they cross paths with. What if just once during your day you just stopped, truly asked how someone was and what drives them to do what they do? I can tell you from meeting as many people as I have that the answers are absolutely astounding. 

Life is complex, painful, enlightening, tough, and blissful. The stories that define each of us are as unique as anything of our physical selves. Loving Kindness is a state of selfless being that really has more to do with being present than is does with being totally loving and kind at all times. 

Selfless living is tough for many. We worry about ourselves, our families, our debts. It happens. it is part of being human. Loving Kindness is like a vacation from that worry. To be present enough to smile graciously at another, give of yourself for another without the expectation of anything given back, and most importantly.... lending an open ear to another...

We all desire to feel like a part of something and to be heard. 

Living presently and selflessly can not only bring your mind and body into a space where you realize that you are truly a part of something. Practicing selfless actions bring joy to others and open your heart to the beauty around you. The Tough Mudder family has taught me much about the practice of loving kindness. I cannot count how many times I have simply placed my hand on a strangers shoulder, asked about the t-shirt they are wearing or why they are out running and then been totally blown away!!

If you are seeking a greater good, you don't necessarily need to go to a church and pray for it to come to you. All you have to do is ask a neighbor, a daughter, the guy on the subway... whomever. Listen, give and be transformed. This is path of Loving Kindness and though it may take work to do, the reward is greater happiness in the long run!

500m Row
Rotator Cuff Drills
Squat Flow

50X Push Ups

7 x romanian deadlift
7 x snatch high pull
7 x muscle snatch
7 x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1
7 x snatch balance
7 x power snatch to OHS (hold PSn receiving position each time, each rep little deeper)
7 x snatch pull under
7x hang (squat) snatch

Squat Snatch 75/55
Burpee over Bar
Rest 4 mins
Squat Snatch 95/65
Burpee Over Bar
Rest 4 mins
Squat Snatch 115/75
Burpee Over bar