011116 "3 Dangers of going cheap with your Meat"

Protein is the building block of which your entire body is made. Not only does it help form and support muscle, organ, brain and bone growth; before all that happens it is used as a dense fuel source in your digestive system to power your whole being!

Feeding yourself with enough protein is key. If you have questions about that, scroll down a few weeks and read my post on adequate amounts of protein that should be in your diet! But more specifically you need to be conscious of the TYPE of protein that you are putting in your body. Unfortunately not all protein sources are the same. 

I have advocated grass fed, organic, non-GMO, and antibiotic free protein sources for some time. And even for you vegetarians out there who are laughing off this fear, believe me when I say that the herbicides and GMO nature of your protein sources are even more deadly than the types I will shortly write about. 

Here are 3 dangers (cautions) about buying cheap when it comes to your animal proteins. 

1) Antibiotic Resistance. Cows and poultry from factory farms are pumped with antibiotics in their feed and through vaccinations. While this helps the rancher produce more product, it hurts us who consume the meat. Just as in humans who take too many cycles of anti-biopics , the immune systems begin to go away and 'Superbugs" come to life and wreak havoc on you and the population. Consuming Organic helps cut down on exposure to these bugs.

2) Diversity of your meat sources. One of the beauties of being human is that we can literally eat anything that walks and looks good enough to kill. That may sound nuts but it is true. Each protein source, (non-GMO and grass fed) offers different minerals and vitamins. By consuming cheap... chicken... you are feeding your body with protein but from a source that lacks essential nutrients for optimal health. Be sure to try Bison, Elk, Duck, Lamb, Goat, even squirrel if you want a full profile of amino acids and minerals from protein.

3) Cheap food comes from super farms that produce animals like some kind of science fiction movie. This comes at a cost to the environment as the run-off from that many animals is super toxic to drinking water and our own food sources. I spoke of anti-biotics earlier but what about herbicides and pesticides?! So much pollution comes from Factory farms, therefore going with local ranchers or organic/grass-fed animals is the safest bet for the planet and your health!


400m Run
10 m X
Hurdle Step Drill
High Knee Pull
Marching High Kick
Duck Walk
Inch Worm

Pulling Prep:
10 X
Banded Rows
Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Press

Lat Band Mobility


100 Wall Ball
50 Pull Up
50 Wall Ball
25 Pull Up

Midline Mania:

:30 L Sit
15 Hip extension
21 GHD Sit Up