061016 "How old is too old"

Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Love.. Keep as much of these things in your life and you will live forever, right? Wel, today in the Journal Nature new findings are telling scientists that there may a limit to just how old you can be before the body just gives up...

The Journey towards immortality begins from an early age. The desire to experience every emotion, location, and person you can is uniquely human. We strive towards immortality in our health practices and especially in CrossFit.

Really! It is actually written in the CrossFit manual as a tenet of the methodology, "To create a hedge against decrepitude". And rightfully so... It sucks to get old. Things hurt, break, our mind slows down, some things just aren't that fun anymore. 

The article brings to bear just how far we have come in our pursuit of said immortality. We have been on a steady incline in age expectancy since the beginning of the 20th century. Including all the interventions that medicine is bringing forth, (i.e. Drugs and surgeries) our life expectancy here in the US reaches well above 90 years old! 

But by 90 are you just over it? We have to ask that question. I mean I have seen the pictures of those folks who are pushing 100 and they don't look that stoked. C'mon, shit is really falling apart by 100, it's just got to be. PLus you've probably outlived all of your friends and no young person wants to play cards with you anymore. Bummer. 

So what is it worth to you? How old do you think is too old? At some point will you just want to cash it in and go down for the long nap? 

Life expectancy is a quality vs. quantity situation. You make the call. A link to the article is HERE


Roll Out calves for 2:00

10 X Leg Swing
10X High Knee Pull
10X Quad Pull
10X Squat Therapy
10X Hip Circles
10 X Bow and Bend
10X Side Lunges
10X Arm Circles
10X Shoulder Circles

1 min Jump Rope
1 Min Freestyle
1 Min Double Unders


20 Min AMRAP
*With Partner

100 Wall Ball Shots
80 Double KB Push Press
60 Toes To bar
40 Pull Up
20 Overhead Squats 115/75
10 Front Squat *Each

*Complete 40 Double Unders Each after exercise.