101016 "2 Ways to naturally boost testosterone"

Get off your ass! 

Testosterone is the fountain of youth for men. We peak in our 30's and then slowly decline for a number of physiological reasons. This hormone is primal, helping fuel the Hunter in all men as we evolved. 

Modern day living is making it harder and harder to maintain healthy levels of testosterone and the consequences can lead to a number of problems, even cancer! Without going off the deep end with science, Ill just say that it effects you all the way down to the cells if your levels decline.

Here are two easy ways to boost your testosterone :
1) Get on a fish oil. High quality fish oil. Fish Oil reduces the oxidation of key metabolic processes and thereby keeps your cells and the neurons in your brain fully functioning.

2) Get off your ass! Stop Sitting so much. I have heard it said that 30 mins of sitting during the day can cut your daily testosterone production by 1/3. That is a big number. Getting up, moving, being active is the key to maintaining your healthy testosterone levels. 

Aging is inevitable but it can be done without the loss of your physical and cognitive strengths. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise will ensure you keep killing it in the gym and in your personal life!


400m run
10X Hip Swivel Kicks
10X Fire Hydrants
10X Banded Hip Activation
10X Elbow to instep
10X Squat THerapy
10X Side Lunge
10X Burpee

Strength Development:

Box Squat
-Today is week two of our squats introduction and strength development. For this I want a wide stance, box set so squats hit parallel, bar lower on the back, and a vertical shin in during the squat. Have fun


Odd: :45 Burpee Onto PLate :15 rest
Even: :45 Overhead Plate Lunge :15 rest