181116 "Take a dip in some Epsom"

So he was like, Epsom Salt..... 
And I was like, oh you mean Magnesium Sulfate.... hahaha

Its not even salt at all folks. In fact Sodium Carbonate (table salt) may have some similar attributes for health like, helping a splinter wiggle free of your skin, but Epsom salts are vastly different. 

Epsom salts are crystalline nuggets of pure healing and Im gonna dish you out 3 wonderful reasons why you should take a bath or a soak in some tonight!!

1) It relaxes away muscle tension and soreness. Traditionally this is the widely known use for the stuff. Soak in some of this magical bath salt and BOOM, your aches go right away.
But why is it so oh knower of random things?
The reason is in the recipe. Magnesium sulfate is... MAGNESIUM. WOW! And since you all read  my blogs about the benefits of Magnesium, you know that having the right amounts of it in your body is key to optimal health. I don't mean for you to eat the stuff, rather enjoying a soak in it can result in absorption through the skin and into the muscles and brain. Stress and exercise deplete magnesium levels and Epsom salt baths can restore your levels along with a healthy diet!

2) Want a healthier Immune system? Try a Epsom salt bath. Warm water baths along with Epsom salts can open the blood vessels in your body which increase blood flow and white blood cell production. Your immune system and your GUT are constantly trying to create enough of the good bacteria fighting and disease fighting ingredients in your body to keep you healthy. The magnesium in the warm water goes far deeper than just the skin, creating an environment deep in your body that will keep you healthy for weeks and months to come. 

3) Now we can't forget about the skin. Epsom salt baths can produce radiant, contaminant free skin. If you want to scrub excess dead skin cells off your body there is not better aggregate than Epsom salts. Its no hawaiian sand but it will do. What even hawaiian sand won't do is draw toxins out of the skin but that is exactly what Epsom salt baths do! 

Look better, feel better, be pain free... wanna sign up?? I should do a frickin infomercial on the stuff. Epsom salts are cheap and are sold at every drug store in the USA. Get on the recovery train with a bath tonight and stay on your path towards optimal fitness and health!

Lat Band Mobility
Bully Stretch
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Pigeon Stretch

 7X hang clean high pull
7 x hang muscle clean + 3 strict press
7 x tempo front squat + 3  push press
7 x hang power clean to Front Squat
7x clean pull under + 3  push jerk
7 x hang below knee squat clean + 3  split jerk

Skill Development:
-High Hang Clean/Front Squat/ Push Press
-Mid Thigh Clean/ Front Squat/ Push Jerk
-Hang Below Knee Clean/ Front Squat/ Split Jerk
*Begin with 75/55 or 95/75 and then go up from there. Try and hold onto the bar for the entire complex.

12 Minute AMRAP
8 Squat Clean and Jerk 155/105
12 Bar Facing Burpee

*Make sure you pass below parallel