031116 "Green Bananas make you skinny"

In the past week you have probably been to the grocery store, checked out the bananas on display and legitimately made a decision about eating (or not eating) bananas this week.  Simply, bananas are as much of a staple in the american diet as coke. In fact, as I have written about in my Blog a while ago; the distribution supply chain for bananas and coke are very similar. 

But this post is not about consumerism and marketing. This is about your health. And what I want to let you in on is the benefits that Green-ish bananas can give you. In particular, how green bananas can make you skinny. 

Bananas are like many other fruits and vegetables, they ripen over time. Beginning as hard, small and very green; bananas go through stages of sweetening and softening. Well... as the process of ripening happens and the bananas actually become edible, there is a sweet spot when the starchy  fruit is actually high in what is called 'resistant fiber'. 

Resistant Fiber does two things :
1) Processes through the Gut without absorption. Just like many fiber filled veggies, the body cannot digest them and so are passed on down the intestines. This process keeps many other things moving down the Gut which keeps bad stuff from hitting the Gut and keeps your blood sugar low. 
2) Feeds your Gut Bacteria. Even though your Gut itself cannot absorb the fiber, your GOOD Bacteria love it! Good Bacteria are essential for regulating your metabolism and hormones. IUmagine your bacteria as Gut sweepers, cleaning out the digestive system of all the crap that may build up. 

And it is all from bananas! Too ripe and the starchy fruit becomes glucose spiking and bacteria inhibiting . So as soon as those suckers look like they wont taste like chalk in your mouth, snack em. YOu will get a potent nutrient dose as well as Gut supporting fiber and fuel!!


500m Row
Samson Lunge W/ pas Thru
Med Ball Clean

*do 2 wall climbs in between the rounds

Skill Development:
12 Mins
Handstand Walk Progression
- Pike walk Out
-Wall Climb -head thru
- Kick up and walk to wall
-Spotted kick up and walk
- Max Distance

In teams of 2, trade off work cycles for 20 mins.
5 Hang Power Clean 95/65
8 Push Press
12 Push Up On Barbell

*team with most rounds wins a cookie.