221116 "3 Reasons why you should Locally Source your Food"

        "Buy Local!".

You see it on billboards, shopping bags, bumper stickers, and every hipster coffee shop. This is the 21st century rally cry as we rebel against all that is wrong with the food product consumer chain. Its the assembly line of consumption that has growing profits for large food product corporations and growing the waistlines of every American. But buying local is much more than a populist movement against conformity. Its about health. Your health is intrinsically linked to the food quality in your home. Here are 3 reasons why "buy Local" makes so much sense. 

1)  Nutrient Density. As I have outlined many times in previous blog posts, our consumer food chain is an empty vessel when it comes to wholesome nutrients. Science is showing that we, as a population are consistently lacking in;
-Beta Carotene
-Vitamin D
-Folic Acid/Folate
-Omega 3 Fatty Acids
-Healthy Bacteria (not nutrient but a byproduct of optimal gut health)

By locally sourcing your food from farmers in your area you can begin the long trek back to leveling off your nutrient levels. The reason why is in the scale and processing of the vegetables and meats. Due to regulations, food product companies have to heat, pasteurize, wash, and otherwise strip food of most nutrients in order for them to be mass produced. A good example is baby carrots or packaged spinach. These are staples in your refrigerator yet they offer very little nutrients and minimal fiber to to the processed nature from farm to your supermarket. When you buy local, vegetables and meats usually are grown in small farms where each plant is nurtured and harvested at optimal times and conditions; therefore nutrients tend to be higher. The last piece of the puzzle is the middle man.... when buying local you basically cut that guy out which ensures that your food was recently harvested and nutrients are at their peak!

2) Environmental Impacts. Pesticides, Herbicides, GMO vegetables are poisons lurking right under our gaze. Massive farming operations produce most of our food products in grocery stores. While it is not a standard by any means, your local vegetable and meat producers typically use sustainable and NON- GMO methods to produce their foods. I have done a lot of research into my own food producers and have found this to be true. If you promote healthy environmental farming practices and this begins to spread then the entire local environment will reap the benefits. Water Quality improves, air quality improves, health care costs go down... its amazing and it has been documented... I speak the truth here people!! 

3) Greater Connection and Satisfaction.  Finally there are metics in the Local Food Chain that cannot be measured by a specific number or value. These benefits are substantive none the less.

First lets talk Community building. I have always enjoyed talking story with local farmers about their products, methods and really what makes them tick. By getting to know your local farmers you get to know your food better and building relationships is always good for human connection.

Second is personal satisfaction. Lets' face it. We are not Hunter/Gatherers anymore. One way we can hang on to this is by buying food at farmers markets and local shops. You get to see the dirt on the veggies, talk to the butcher who processed the meat. Connection with your food produces an appreciation when it comes to preparing and eating it. You are more likely to not throw away left overs and prepare food before they go bad if you buy local.  Its psychological folks! 

Benefits abound my friends! I did not even touch on the economics of buying local and many other benefits that surround this important ritual. Taking the steps to start your farmers market journey are easy. Simply type in your town name and 'farmers market' and I guarantee that you will find one closer than you think. You will be building community at the same time as you will bettering your overall health. Its a win/win. Stay conscious my friends and enjoy the ebenfits of what is growing around you!

Agility Warm Up
10m PLyo Step
10m high Knee Pull
10m High Skip
10m Quad Pull
10m Side Shuffle
10m Elbow To Instep
10m Side Shuffle
10m Fig 4 Stretch
10m Carioca
10m Marching High Kicks
10m Fig 4 Run Drill
10m Samson Lunge

4X Falling Start
4X Banded Buddy Pulls

Pull Up Mobility - Lat/Bully Mob

20X Banded Rows
20X Banded Press
10X Negative Pull Up
20X Jumping Pull Up

20 Min AMRAP

400m Run
-Max Rep Pull Up

*Strict/Kip/band are ok... Butterfly not ok.
*every time you drop, run 400m
*Score is total pull Ups.

Accessory Work:
3X :30 each
V Up
Russian Twist
Hip Touches