281116 "Understanding the Plant Defense System on your Health"

Did you know that even while you smile and enjoy your daily meals, the food you are eating could be going to war with your GUT? Its crazy, that delicious bite of food that tastes so damn good can turn around and destroy vital connections within your intestines; leaking toxins straight into your blood... holy shit. Sounds rough right. Well this is actually a Natural defense mechanism that many plants employ to ensure the survival of their species. 

We call these things 'anti-nutrients', or, 'inflammatory substances' and the result of our consuming them is Leaky Gut. Below are a few of the most snreaky and destructive food products that we consume daily that cause this to happen.

-Whole grains like corn, wheat, oats, rye, black beans, lentils, and quinoa
- Refined Grains** like white rice, flour, bread, cereal and pasta. 

**in practically 90% of packaged food as either primary ingredient or filler .

Here is a funny thing to ponder next time you feel all 'excessive' about your diet. In todays's society if you eat red meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner people and doctors would certainly tell you that your intakes are too extreme... But if you have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, common thinking would be like... shootZ looks good to me! 
While meat presents its own cautions, we literally cannot digest the refined grains. 

Isn't it crazy how much psychology plays in our daily diets?

I will concede that the fiber from grains is important to Gut and metabolic health but no more than the vital probiotic and fiber rich vegetables that you SHOULD be eating each day. 

There are ways to get around these inflammatory nutrients inside the grains. Sprouting, fermenting and soaking your grains will trick the grains into thinking that they have been planted, releasing the bad stuff and allowing us to access the goods. Modern Food comapanies have jumped on this big time. In most Whole Foods, specialty bakers, and the like now offer these type of sprouted grain breads or fermented grains to bake with. 

Understanding that no matter what society deems OK for you to eat, there are still Natural defenses that plants employ to keep themselves around this planet. Substituting your fiber from grains to fiber from vegetables is a much better option at the end of it. Choosing foods that your body can actually digest is very important. Kick the grains and thrive my wellness warriors!

Rotator Cuff Drills or Crossover Symmetry
Banded X15
-Good Mornings
- Hip Activation
- pull aparts

10X W/ Barbell
-High Elbows
-High Hang Muscle Snatch
-Snatch Balance
-Sotts Press
-mid Thigh Snatch to tempo OHS
-Hang Below Knee Squat Snatch

Skill Development:
5 rounds of ascending weight each round
3 Snatch Deadlift
1 Hang Snatch Below Knee

-Rest 3 Mins

5 Rounds of ascending weight each round
1 Snatch Balance
1 High Hang Snatch
1 Mid Hang Sntach
1 Snatch
*Try and keep the bar in hand through entire complex

5 Rounds for time
5 Snatch 155/105
30 Dubs (double Unders)

*try and be unbroken each time you grab the bar