301116 "4 reasons why Oats can be good for you"

Are they gluten free? 
How much Fiber do they actually contain?
Is there a difference between organic and non-organic?
How about GMO?

So many questions surround the holy oat. To look at humans consumption of oats you can go back to the beginning of time and find that they (and their distant cousins) have been a staple in human diets. But it has been since the advent of the low carb diet and/or the Paleo movement that they have come under fire about their wholesome goodness. 

Well I am here to dispel a couple myths that have been floating around;

1) No, Oats do not contain gluten. Oats are not wheat, barley or rye... although they are farmed in areas where those grains are present so there can be contamination either in the growing or processing of the oat. 
2) Yes they do contain protein. Plant protein, as you all know, is not my choice for developing high quality athletes nor does it contain the amino acid profile necessary for muscle repair and growth. But they do have upwards of 4 g per serving. 

Now for some benefits. 

1) Choke Fiber! 1 serving of a high quality and clean oats can deliver 4-5 grams of beneficial fiber. Mind you that this is quite a bit of the good. I encourage 10 grams of prebiotic each day and so this 4-5g in the scope of your days allotment is pretty darn good. Your GUT loves fiber as that is what your good bacteria feed upon. 
**Too much fiber can cause belly ache very similar to those that have a gluten sensitivity. This is why a lot of people think that oats contain gluten.
2) Oats are nutrient dense. As opposed to other grains, these little guys contain selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper. When consumed in organic form and with as little processing as possible, you get quite a nutrient dense meal. 
3) Oats lower cholesterol. For many years oats and other whole grains have been touted for their ability to help kick out the bad "LDL" choleterol in your blood stream. Because whole grains like oats are full of 'soluble' fiber they soak up water and bad cholesterol particles as they pass through your digestive system. Cleaning you out along the way with the fiber... oh yeah sounds good to me!
4) Oats can provide a low glycemic carbohydrate source. Unless you are dousing your oats in sugar or some other sweetener, the effect on your pancreas should be minor compared to cereals and other carb sources. Being that the whole grain is dense like a brown rice you get a longer digesting time which yields a longer energy release. I love oats before competition and simply just to get the day started. If you must, add some grass fed butter to the mix and some pure maple syrup and NUTS. 

Serving sizes do not need to be big. 1 cup does the trick when added to a fat rich breakfast. If you are a get up and go type like me you will appreciate what this does for you and your morning workouts without tipping the scales in terms of your macro levels. 

Enjoying the process of becoming the most optimal athlete should definitely be part of training. What comfort it may bring, try a little Oats and see how it does for your gut and your perfromance. Eat strong y'all!!


Lat band Mobility
Bully Stretch
Banded Iron Cross

Kipping Pull Up Progression
-Hold Hollow on Bar
-Skip (hip flexion)
-Bridge of the hip and pull to bar

*Practice 10-12 reps of each. Before moving on to next piece make sure you are proficient in the first and getting the most power out it! 

Skill Development:
15 Reps - Eccentric Pull Up (lowers)
15 Reps- L sit Pull Up
15 Clapping Push Up
15 Heavy Single Arm Bent over rows

6 Rounds of;
:30 work/:30 Rest
A) Chest TO Bar Pull Up
B) GHD Sit Up
C) Burpee

*score is lowest reps completed of each exercise, after all rounds are completed.