011216 "Taking Risks make you a better Leader"

Most of us ride the fine line between 'not enough' and 'just enough'. Needless to say that taking big risks in life is not our first course of action. 

Taking risks means that you are putting yourself out in the world and not knowing what to expect in return. Though we may focus on the positive, many times what keeps us form taking risks are the inescapable negatives that may arise. But no one follows those that shy away from fear. Not one leader has stepped back when there was work to be done or goals that need to be accomplished. The point is, to be greater; you must take risks. 

Risks make you creative. You will have to think outside the box and certainly outside your normal daily patterns.
Risks make you confident in yourself. Personal challenge is at the heart of all risk. Whether you succeed or fail, you will know yourself better and be able to lean on your strengths for anything that may arise in the future. 
Risks can reward you. The whole reason behind taking risks is to better your current situation or your family's well being. Why else would you be doing it? Thoughtful execution of risk makes you stronger as a person and can help those around you.
Risk makes you ABOVE AVERAGE. In your thinking and your actions; risk taking helps develop your personality into a leader who thinks and acts outside the box.... remember that creative benefit??

Now I am not advocating you to go and begin base jumping today (although that's badass); stepping into the world of thoughtful risk taking has immense benefits whether you succeed or fail. The point is that you try. Becoming the person and leader you want to be comes with some inherent discomfort at first but also a great deal of personal growth. Push on and constantly strive to be better in the gym and out in the world. Affect change!

400m Run
10 Push Ups
5 Wall Climbs
:20 Handstand Hold

Lunge Flow

SKill Development:
In 6 Sets,
Build to heaviest
4 Press
4 Push Press
4 Alternating Split Jerks

5 Rounds for time, 

Bike 24 Cals
12X Shoulder to Overhead 115/105
6X Burpee Box Jumps 24/20#

Rest 2:00