081116 "Tequila as a prebiotic!!, Shut the Front door!!"

Alright Tequila Lovers this is the post you have been waiting for. I have found a study Linked HERE that gives us some serious street cred. When it comes to our indulgence in the golden liquor.  

Basically I will spare you the chemistry and pathology of Tequila being good for you GUT. Basically it comes down to Fructans and Agavins which are present in many plants but specialized in Agave plants. Fructans are basic carbohydrates and Agavins are indigestible prebiotic fiber that your Gut just loves. 

While I am not going to say that you should slam a bottle of tequila every day, there seems to be some benefits to have in some in moderation. And the benefits outlined in the study don't just stop there:
-Tequila has been shown to jumpstart your metabolism if taken before a meal.
-Tequila has been shown to aid in digestion after a meal. 
-Tequila has been shown to help dementia patients. 
The list goes on and on. In fact many of the phytophenols that are present in red wine are also present in Tequila. Since it is fermented in a similar way, there can be links to lowering blood pressure and heart disease just as red wine does!

For me this is great. What this makes me think of is when Dr. Robb Wolf (modern day paleo guru) many years ago talked about drinking tequila straight as a way to stay paleo but also enjoying a party! So if he is in, the study is backing it up... well hell I think there may be something to this after all. 

Just as with wine, too much can have the opposite effect. When you drink in excess you flood the digestive system and the GUT, killing a lot of good bacteria and creating a sterile environment. Too much can allow bad pathogenic bacteria to move in and seep into your blood stream creating inflammation and health problems. 

So for now I say, Raise your glass and have a shot! Remember to only drink from the top shelf as this is for your health and only the best is what your GUT deserves!

Agility Warm up:
10X High Knee Pulls
10X Quad Pulls
10X Marching High Kicks
10X Hurdle Step overs
10X Samson Lunge W/ Reach
10 X PLyo Step
10X High Knees
10X Butt Kickers
10X High Skip
10X Carioca
10X Fig 4 Drill
5X Falling Start
5X Banded Buddy Pulls

Squat Flow

Strength Development:
In 7 sets, build to heavy set of 3. 
Then 3X3 @ 80% .

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
18 Double KB Push Press 53/35
9 Box Jump Overs 30/24