091116 "The 5 ways to Avoid HEAVY METAL!!"

Humans are like dogs. We walk around in all kinds of random places, picking up things and investing them along the way. One risk that we humans deal with is consuming and being exposed to Heavy metals. 

No I don't mean Sepultura or Megadeth. This stuff is way harder with names that you know well; Mercury, Arsenic, Lead among the many that are out there. You can be exposed not just by eating it but simply being around it, breathing and even having it touch your skin. Either way, it is important that you take these following precautions to keep yourself healthy. What you will notice is how these same rules apply to possibly everything else that you should do to keep yourself healthy and disease free.

1) Drink Filtered Water. Heavy metals have been used for generations in production, paints, and sometimes they occur naturally in the ground upon which you live. As does all things heavy, these metals seep into the ground water. The ground water is pumped into collection tanks and distributed to our homes for consumption and use. Remember Flint, Michigan? This is a prim example of Lead pipes creating a massive health crisis due to heavy metal poisoning. Though some Filtered water systems are perhaps better than others; most remove a high level of contaminants before you pour a glass to drink. 
2) Eat Organic. A notorious pathway of heavy metal exposure is through pesticide and herbicide use on our plants and vegetables. Eating Organic fruits and veggies removes much of the worry about herbicides which is one of the main reasons to buy such products. Since most vegetables come from massive farms where perhaps more than one crop is grown, the risk is there as the metals can reside in the soil and are transferred to the crops. 
3) Keep up on your calcium and Zinc. Metals are vital to your body. Our muscles, and skeletal system literally rely on them for growth and repair. When we are deficient in calcium, zinc, sodium, and potassium then our body reaches for anything to fill the void. Lead and Mercury are free floating metals in the body and are just waiting to bind with other things. So this a good reason to make sure your levels are always on point through nutrition and supplementation. 
4) Consume the right fish. The rule is... the bigger, older and more predatory the fish.. the more mercury it contains. Fish like salmon, halibut, sardines and pollock are good as they are smaller, younger and generally less predatory. Stay away from swordfish and mackerel. Mercury is prevelant in our seas naturally and more directly from pollution and run off. Fish has amazing health benefits but we must be smart about eating the right kinds and amounts. 
5) Take Fish oil and eat plenary Omega-3's. Fats are what Heavy Metals bind to in the body. Just as with other supplements, pairing them with a fat like coconut or olive oil can help with absorption. In the case of Heavy Metals, your body will be able to dispose of the metals by making sure there are adequate healthy fats in your system to flush them out. Omega-6 laden diets can actually cause more disease by aiding in the binding and absorption of certain metals in the body which is another reason why cancer happens more in certain populations. 

Simple tests done at your doctors office can help you see if you are heavy on the metal! In fact while you are there you can order a simple blood panel and get the whole vehicle checked out in one shot! 

Be conscious of what you are exposing your body to, keep raging hard and lets head bang to the metal... not eat it!

500m Row or SKi Erg
Banded Row
Banded Press
Banded Pass Thru

Banded Squats
Banded Lateral Walk
Banded Pull Aparts

Skill Development:

Skin the Cat Progression
*ring Knee to Elbow
*Low Ring Invert
* High Ring Inverted Hang
*Full Movement

For Total Time
50 Pull Ups
40 DB Push Press
30 Alt. V Ups- single Leg
20 DB Front Squat
10 Rope Climbs