101116 "Controlled Breathing"

Being present in the moment goes a long way too developing a clearer understanding and control of the present environment. Providing clarity to your present position can provide a great stress relief and truly put thing in perspective. 

One path towards awareness is by controlling your breath. Today the NY Times published an article about the practice. You can read it HERE.

If you are in a workout the control of breath can lead to maximum efficiency and better performance. many times taking the brain away from the strain of training and putting it on your breathing can mitigate pain, struggle and stress. Especially in the realm of CrossFit. 

Controlled breathing is one way to engage in your daily meditation. Following a breathing sequence or simply being present in your breath does wonders for the wondering mind. If you are like me, physical training is a meditation . When I am not training, pausing a few times per day to focus on my breath brings the greater world back into focus. This focus puts perspective on things in life, hence the meditation. 

Homework in this case is simple. You do not need to train your diet or sacrifice certain things in your life. You just need to pay attention to your breathing, an act that you do unconsciously anyways! Give it a shot and lets expand our mind and consciousness for the better!


100m Run
12X PVC Pass Thru
12X PVC Trunk Circles
100m Run
12X Samson Lunge W/ Pass Thru
12X Leg Swing (ea leg)
100m Run
12X Squat Snatch Press
100m Run
12X Snatch Balance
12X Burpee

Skill Development:

Snatch Push Press
3X5 -Ascending

Santch Balance
5X 2 - Ascending

X 20 reps @ santch balance Max

8 Muscle Snatch 75/55
30 Dubs