021216 "Farmers Markets, Your Health Subsidy"

It has been clear for some time that the Government, an entity which by its founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been interpreted to mean something different than what most believe to be true.  What I mean is that the systems of health care, food supply, and economics are skewed towards feeding the crap out of people with poor quality foods and then not creating an equitable system to care for them when sickness occurs. 

Since World War 2* the US Government has put restrictions, rations and subsidies on the food industry in this country. At first it was to ensure that the war machine could operate and not disrupt the general population supply. Then the advent of commercial crops like corn, soy and sugar gained so much influence that they were plugged into a goliath of a Farm Bill where they became immortal. 

These subsidies cost the US population Billions of dollars per year. Simply, we are paying for the food that is making us very sick! Why is no one paying attention to this? Simple. For every person that gets stick, 5 people are fed. That simple ratio keeps the farm bill growing and growing becoming  thicker and more encompassing. 

Now I am old enough to have heard many people make this argument about governments, corporations and lies.... yada yada yada.. That is for 20 year olds to get pissed about. We as more mature parents of the next generation must act today to SUBSIDIZE our health by eating local, organic, and NON GMO. If the Government is not going to subsidize adequate health care for us, we must create a hedge against the sickness that is inevitable. Our kids deserve it. You deserve it. 

Here are a few interesting facts that I pulled fro the website of the American Heart Association health conference 2016;

-Subsidizing fruits and vegetables could save over 200,000 lives over the course of 15 years by dropping the occurrence of Heart Disease.
- If the US population added one extra serving of fruits and vegetables in their diets today, we couple cut heart attack related deaths in 2 years by 3.5 million. 

Crazy huh? 

Do you see why I put so much emphasis on optimal health and staying conscious about your eating and health? You have the chance TODAY to begin subsidizing your own health through good food choices. Eat good and thrive my friends. 


Row 1k
30 Toes To bar
30 Push Ups

Squat Flow
- Kang Squat
-Internal Rotation
- Kneeling Hip Bridges
- Lunge W/ Anke Rotation + Elbow To Instep
- Squat PNF
- Squat W/ T spine stretch

Skill Development:
Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat
5X5 @ each Leg
-Front Rack Hold @50% of Bodyweight

*Superset each with 5 Burpee Broad Jumps