191216 "The top 3 ways to Diet without Dieting"

Here it is y'all. The answer you have all been waiting for and asking me about. I give you all kinds of information to help you on your road to optimal health and performance but where do you start? As I have said many times before, the path towards success begins with small and manageable steps. 

Today I want to offer 3 very easy ways to manipulate your diet so that you keep your metabolism high but don't have to change your whole existence and food experience to do it. 
Disclaimer ** These may be methods that allow for quick adjustments but the overall nutrition plan I am suggesting is one that embodies a whole food, pre/probiotic, organic, non-GMO, and conscious form of eating. 

1) Drink "BulletProof" coffee. While the Hyperlink will take you directly to the commerce site which aims at selling you on the bulletproof brand of ingredients, I still will recommend that you can do this with ingredients from your local grocery store or Costco. 

Bulletproof coffee is simply coffee with added grass-fed butter and high quality coconut or MCT oil. The reasoning is in the way that your brain works off fat. Fat fuels the brain, not carbohydrates. Combining a good source of saturated and polyunsaturated fat with some good antioxidant containing coffee, you have a better start to your day than any bagel or cereal. The calorie count is low and if you begin your day with this, I ensure you that your body will get straight to work using them and keep your satisfied for HOURS to come.

2) Eat 2 "Super Foods" with each Meal. Click on the hyperlink or google a list of superfoods and you will find that they are everywhere and that this recommendation is not hard to put into play. Superfoods, as their name denotes, are foods that are topped up with vitamins, minerals and chemical properties that will help keep you healthy from the skin down to the cells. 

If you were to make a quick grocery list out of them and found a way to cook with them in each meal or tote them along with you through the day, you will be on the right path in no time. Superfoods help balance the metabolic system by digesting slowly and/or creating a thermogenic effect in your body which boosts your metabolism.

We have all gone down the road of eating crappy food, feeling like dog shit and constantly being hungry. Basically dumping poor nutrition and excess calories in our GUT. When you are consuming Superfoods your body will run more efficiently on less, creating high fuel performance without all the cravings! Perfect for those who want to eat often, lite, and don't want to feel guilty. 

3) Drink More Water. If I you have trained with me for any length of time you know you have heard it a million times. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.. It comes for my Firefighting days where life was about managing heat through hydration. 

Consuming 4-8 liters of water per day fills the stomach and maintains satiety. We have experimented with this during nutrition challenges and water consumption can go a bit overboard. If you drink a lot of water, you pee a lot. Water intake and your desire to keep yourself full should not push you too the point where you need to start wearing a diaper! Drink enough throughout the day to keep you healthy and full but don't guzzle it and expect that it is a meal replacement. Trail and error my friends. 

Inching and working your way towards better nutrition and health is the way to go and these three tips are a great place to start or to add into your current plan for success. The goal is to find balance so before you go jumping in head first, check out how feasible your life will accommodate it. Changes must be made though. The path is not set in stone and it takes dedication but believe me you are not alone. Keep yourself conscious and stoked on the journey. 

Banded Squat and Lunge Mobility
1:00 Banded Good Mornings
2:00 Med Ball Up and Overs (single Leg)

10m Spiderman Crawls
10m Crab Walk
10m Marching High Kick
10m Frog Hops
10m Single Leg Hops
Skill Development:
*Today begins 4 weeks of Deadlift prep that will help build to 1 Rm by the 5th week..

4X5 @70%

5 Rounds For Time
20 cal Bike
20 Hang Power Clean 115/75
1 Gasser (sprint 10m out/back, sprint 20m out/back)