271216 "The 4 ways to Kick your Holiday Sugar Habit"

You have been under attack since Thanksgiving. Everywhere you have looked there has been cookies, cakes, refined grains and otherwise sweet treats to stuff in your mouth. While I know most of you have been true to yourself about keeping up the physical training, the Mental Grip that sugar has on you has slowly taken its toll. 

Chances are you are experiencing one or more of these sugar related side effects;

- Fatigue
-Cloudy thoughts or generally slow
- Mood swings
- Lack of motivation
- Excessive thirst
- Lack of physical Performance
- Disinterest in Healthy Foods (this is a big one)
- abnormal sleep patterns

If you answered yes to the majority of these, you need to kick your sugar habit. TODAY! Lets outline 4 ways to get you on the path towards better health and a positive new year.

1) Eat More Fermented foods. Chances are you have heard me talk about how the probiotic rich foods like Kimchee, Saurkraut, Yogurt, Kombucha. These foods are rich in the GOOD bacteria that inhabit your gut. Since you have been eating refined grains and sugars for the past month, your gut flora have changed with your diet. Bad bacteria LOVE sugar and you have been feeding them superfood. Since we know that GUT bacteria contribute to our health in a big way, repopulating your Gut is essential. I have given you a few fermented food options but there are many others out there. Explore.

2) Get on the Lean Protein again. Sugar does some weird stuff to our brains. Like any other drug it gives us temporary satisfaction but quickly leaves us wanting more to maintain satiety. The holiday season abounds with al kinds of easy to eat foods that are stuffed with sugar and refined grains. Chances are, your holiday work party had bowls of chips or bread or cookies and not jersey and beef skewers ?! The bowl of sweets that keeps you riding the roller coaster of sugar highs needs to be discarded for packs of jerky and some pre made meat that can be eaten on the go. Protein will certainly keep you full much longer and your body will process it without overworking your pancreas to increase insulin in the blood. Meal prepping a a great way to get this done.

3) A little fruit goes a long way. Fruit contains Fructose that your sweet tooth just loves. The sugar cookies and sweets  you have been enjoying are traditionally made with simple sugar that is Sucrose. Both have their own ways of being digested but generally Fructose takes less to be absorbed in the intestines....Ill leave that right there, as we can just say sugar is generally something we should avoid....
Sometimes to kick the sugar habit you need to come off it slowly with a few pieces of fruit. Fruit, wehen chosen properly has two things going for it, fiber and nutrient value. You can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as obtain some daily vitamins and fiber needed for optimal health . Some good fruits include, blueberries, strawberries, green bananas, watermelon, green apples, etc. Once again, search and explore.

4) Get some more Z's. The holidays are exhausting. You have been busy wrapping presents, staying up late at parties, drinking too much, stressing out.... you name it, it has been happening. Not only has your nutrition has been suffered get, but also your sleep patterns. When you are tired, your GUT and brain crave sugar to give you a quick boost to either get you going or to maintain when exhausted. 
Begin by cutting off ANYTHING sweet, 2 hours before bed. That means Nothing! Some sweetish herbal teas are ok but nothing that you have to chew. Turn the lights out or dim them 1 hour before bed. If you read at night, cool to use lights but no computers or TV. Sleep with a mask and windows blacked out. Set your alarm on the phone or clock and don't get up to check the time until you hear it go off. Sleep re-set will help curb the sugar craving for sure. 

Curbing your sugar craving is not easy and it is convenient to 'just have one piece' here and there. Perpetual use will lead to perpetual addiction. Following these steps will help you with rebalancing weight and mental health. This, my friends, is the greatest reward in life so take it seriously. Lets begin 2017 with a clear mind and healthy body. Have fun and Happy New year!

Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch
Banded Hamstring

10X W/ KB
-Standing Toe Touch
- Goblet Squat
- Side Lunge
- Trunk Twists
-Wood Chops
- Russian Swing
-American Swing


400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pull Ups

Rest = to Work Time... 
5X5 @80%
Rest :90 Between Sets

*Use this workout as an opportunity to develop efficiency in recovery. Note the time it takes to control the breathing and heart rate. Note how long it takes to build to your 80% DEADLIFT. Keep your mind focused and work hard.