121216 "The 3 P's for Success in setting Goals"

Each year in December I like to round up my thoughts, reestablish my center and focus on the short, medium and longe term goals for the next year. In doing so I revist my 3 P's for success. I don't know exactly where or how I came up with them but If you ask anyone who has known me for a while they will likely tell you that I am as concerned with developing mental toughness as much as I am about Nutritional Health. That is what these three 'cornerstones' of success represent; a better grasp on who you are is the first step in developing true mental toughness!

The 3 P's laid out are quite simple;


You've heard of the acronym "KISS" ? Keep It Simple Stupid. You may be super intelligent but for me, the simplicity of form keeps it accessible and easy to fall back on. The P's are just that. Each very simple in their message and they progressively build up from each other in pursuit of a clear goal. 

Let's take a look at each;

Your principles are the values and ethos you live by each day. Many times they are so ingrained how you make decisions, that you actually have to sit and think about what they are. They lie right in front of you. Whatever they may be; a dedication to healthy living, equality amongst all people, mental fortitude... whatever. This does not need to be a 100 point list, rather it can be short because as you will find out, the main points branch out into all aspects of your life. Try and limit the list to 5. 

Next is a more subjective understanding of Purpose. I say subjective because there is not a clear list that can be drawn, rather a feeling of self-worth and a greater consciousness of you in the greater world around you. Without purpose life is literally about you just spinning your wheels. I believe it is also where most people get lost and become quite unattached from the world. Purpose by my definition is, 'conscious understanding of oneself, the role you play in the lives and environment around you, and the effectiveness you can have on the world in both a positive and negative way'. Your purpose is unique and built upon the Principles you outlined in the prior step. Your purpose steers you in the direction you must go in life. Whether it be professionally, spiritually, emotionally... whatever. Purpose puts you on YOUR path.  

Surely you can see how objective it can be and how since much of defining purpose is about confidence, many people get stuck and bummed out because they simply lack confidence and don't have the support of those around them to help build confidence. (This fact is quite a sad state of our society and a topic for a later blog entry)

Lastly you must develop the unwavering virtue of Persistence. I place Persistence in the 'virtue' category because it is developed in the same way as Patience. As both a goal setter and a father I can tell you that it is learned rather than given. Persistence is best paired with simple Principles and a good dose of Purpose; sprinkle in a good bit of discipline and anything that you deem meaningful can be accomplished. Persistence is hugely self-satisfying as along the way you get to prove to yourself that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOUR WEAKNESSES. 

Persistence, just as the other P's, takes conscious engagement at all times. If you want to be victorious you must remain vigilant, standing atop your purpose and Principles like they are being attacked in war. Some people use a white board on their refrigerator, a goal board at the gym, a daily mantra; whatever works for you to stay mission focused, use it. 

Riding strong into 2017 means that you should sit down and think about YOUR 3P's. Just as important as any gift you will receive this christmas is a better understanding about where you want to go and how you will get there. No matter how mundane the goal you set for yourself or how great it may be, achievement begins with understanding these simple and effective components. Have fun along the way and celebrate life always. Hug your kids, tell your other half just how much you love them. Live for today and always keep pushing forward!!


10X Ladder Drills
-out 10m, back pedal 10m
-out 20m , Back Pedal 20m
*Each set should be progressively aggressive. Rest :15 Between runs

10 Walking Lunges
10 Push Ups
10 Squat Therapy
10 Alternating Plank Reaches
10 Side Lunges
10 Mountain Climbers

Skill Development:
Back Squat
3X5 @ 85% 
*next week we retest 1 RM

Front Squat
2-2-2 @ 90%

Gymnasty 15:
5-7 Supine Ring Pull Up
3 L-sit Muscle Up Ring Pull Through (butt on ground, arm at full extension)
3 Back Tuck or Back Roll
-jog or row 200m before beginning next round