020216 "Drop the Zero,, Get with the Hero"

It is appalling what the Sugar Sweetned beverage companies are driving into humans. Through branding, product placement, and spokespeople, drinks like Rockstar, RedBull, Monster are pushing chemicals down throats and making millions doing it. When all you need to do for a 'pick me up' or a 'boost' is grab a delicious cup of coffee.

Coming from a studied Sports Performance and Nutrition student, I will tell you that Caffeine is probably the most studied and peer reviewed substance on the market. It can take many forms and be added to just about anything. The beauty of coffee is that it naturally has an adequate level of the good stuff without all the extra BS!


As a perfromance enhancer, Coffee is a stimulant and will increase your exercise production if taken at moderate levels. Caffeine in Coffee acts as a vaso-dialtor which opens the blood vessels allowing more blood flow. Coffee increases the blood pressure and heart rate which increases blood flow as well. Coffee also has an effect on the psyche. I know many friends, myself included, that get a heightened sense of well-being on coffee and a decreased sense of exercise exertion.

Now all that sounds fine but you still can overdo it, even with this 'Natural' product. If you have dabbled at all with fun espresso drinks or tried one too many cold brews you have probably experienced some of the side effects of TOO MUCH caffeine. The shakes, cloudy vision, headaches, upset stomach, and an overwhelming desire to repeatedly go to the BANO!

Moderation is key. On a quick search I found a number of 3-9mg of caffeine per bodyweight. Like that means anything. Lets put that into perspective. An average 'cup' of coffee  contains 150mg of caffeine. Daily, it is ok to consume 3-7 cups of coffee. (Except if you live in Iceland where they apparently drink upwards of 12 a day!!)

Now here comes the caveat to the coffee thing.....

1) Coffee is black, maybe with a little cream. Nothing more. You want to get serious, add some MCT oil and grass fed butter... But that is it!!! None of the BULLSHIT that Starbucks offers, SOY VANILLA NONFAT 3 PUMP SPICED HALF CAB FUCKING LATTE... That is shit and is really an uncarbonated soda. DOn't buy that shit. There is nothing performance enhancing in that garbage.

2) You cannot run on Coffee alone! You must first look to your WHOLE FOODS to help your body perform at its peak level. Proteins,Fats, Carbohydrates. Eat Correctly, supplement where needed and kick some ass. Even though the Bulletproof Coffee claim is that all you need is coffee, remember that he is a business man who does not work out like you do! Eat and Perform !!!

So ditch the energy drinks and buy an Espresso machine. You will have way more fun and will save a ton of money in the long run. If you need a partner to drink coffee with, hit me up.. Im always down for a coffee!


Squat Flow....

Partner Warm up;

P1- Row 20 Cals
P2- Sled Push or Sand Bag Drag
Switch and work for 6 Minutes.


Back Squat Test Day!!!
(Week 11)
*Free Tempo, rest as necessary between reps.
*Focus on fast out of the bottom and tight midline.

Skill Consistency:

Odd: 20/15 Wall Ball Shots
Even: 12 Sand bag Lunges